Angel of Life

Adagio – Part II   Shall we begin—again…   Many of you might not have realized that you had heard that composition before.  It has been the accompaniment to some of the world and nation’s greatest public broadcasts of loss.  An anthem of sorrow and grief.   When I heard it … Continue Reading Angel of Life

The Adagio – Part I

Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings Opus 11.  Listen with your eyes closed to the whole movement, if you are able.  No multi-tasking while listening.  Listening with that big beautiful heart—not your ears.  If you have been to a class I have taught, you have often heard this.  What you do … Continue Reading The Adagio – Part I

kiwanis park saturday morning UPDATE

we’ll be there…will YOU?! we are headed into the tropics again so bring water and layers. see you at 8a on the courts. please remember to proceed with caution when you come to the grade as you drive up. low bumpers need special care and very reduced speeds.

kiwanis park saturday morning UPDATE

practice is on this morning at 8a. my hope is that everyone brings a big towel and a belt 🙂 crawford pool “last splash” happens tonight as a reminder and apparently the township police don’t know the pool rules!!! citations all around 🙂