kiwanis Park Update

Though it looks and feels like october this morning, weatherbug says no rain for a while.  layer up if you are going to join us!  bring something fluffy for a makeshift prop if possible. see you soon!

kiwanis park today

finally!  i could be wrong but as i look out my window–it looks like what a normal summer morning should look like!!!  we have not been so lucky this year but here is hoping we have turne a weather corner.  see you on the courts!

Kiwanis Park Update

Practice is on at the park this morning.  If you jave aqua/water shoes they are a good accompanyment to the practice this morn since the ground will be wet.  Bring a towel for many reasons!  Keeping your mat dry will be most helpful. See you soon!    

kiwanis park is on this morn

all looks good this morn compared to the boondoggle of last week!!!!  try to bring something soft like bath towel or thick sweatshirt so we can cusion parts if needed.