kiwanis park saturday morning UPDATE

practice is on this morning at 8a. my hope is that everyone brings a big towel and a belt 🙂 crawford pool “last splash” happens tonight as a reminder and apparently the township police don’t know the pool rules!!! citations all around 🙂

kiwanis park saturday morning update

it’s in the bird’s song…yoga is on this morn. see you at 8am. take your time and be careful coming up the hill. there may be more baseball happening, so you might need an earlier start to find a spot.

kiwanis park morning update

…of course we are on! bring all your parts and we’ll work on wholeness (daily). layer for warmth as we begin since we have a nice cool start. a towel is always helpful and a long belt or scarf.

kiwanis park saturday update

good morning, yogis. the radar is looking good and indicating we should be okay this morning for practice. please bring a beach or bath towel. something dense and fairly bunchy to help us in our practice. see you at 8a!