Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga – 5/27/23 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND

Practice is on for tomorrow but be sure to check before you head out the door for any notice of sudden cancellation. I am not going to post confirmation again as I normally would since everything is looking fantastic. I will only post if there is an EMERGENCY CANCELLATION!

The second basket will be raffled off so allow time to collect your ticket before class and we’ll pick the ticket after! This basket has some of the same brands that I love (like the other one) and one very special one from my former client’s own new Ayurvedic line which rolled out recently. The Mandara is a very special line where everything is curated and sourced according to Mayuri’s standards–of which–I don’t think could be any higher. I started using the hair products 2 months ago because I have a lot of allergic response to mainstream products. I adore what I have tried and wanted to gift two lucky folks with these (as they are luxury items) and some random comforting other things. I haven’t named every brands but you can see some. I don’t like to peddle but I do like to share–and since you all have shared 10 years of your Saturdays together with me, I thought you deserved some little treats. Loafers’ biscotti, some pretty little jewelry and some damn yummy plant-based fakery soup…and one other particular item that helped me for years when I didn’t have health insurance. Many people do not know that I am also a welder and metal fabricator (artist) and also did some pretty hard core general labor when my kids were in school to get by. I can’t tell you how many serious lacerations from metalwork along with secondary infections I suffered as a result, but the issue was always how do i heal without conventional medicine. Manuka honey I discovered year and years ago and a very special little healing salve is in this bundle that also helped with many bouts of dermatitis and inflammation’s. Fun fact is when I did my own day surgery high on a Fox Chapel cliff with a power washer on my right foot. Cut a tendon and still stayed on the job. Yogis are bad mama-jamas! All that focus and transcending it’s a real superpower when harnessed for good! But we already knew that! ;o)

So I’ll be there and maybe you will too…if not, you don’t need to feel bad or excuse yourself or anything else. Just be all in on whatever kind of wonderful stuff you are committed to this weekend. Even if it means–spending time surrounded by quiet and no one else. These are your seconds, minutes and hours. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for who you are or what you want in any of them.

Wear layers and get your sleep! Have a wonderful holiday yogis!

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