Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga 10/8/22 – NO MORE…

Alas, it will be much too cold for practice so early tomorrow–and rain is a possibility as well. As much as we all had high hopes of a few more Saturdays, the reality is that it will be too much for our bodies outdoors so early. This is our natural end.

A little note that I am a few steps closer to getting the online schedule and platforms working and will post when it happens. In the meantime, snuggle in tomorrow and enjoy the seasons to come…before we know it, Spring will be at our doorstep again.

It is in lovingkindness and with the deepest of gratitude for another year spent with you all!!! Please be good and gentle with yourselves and remember the weight of gravity–let it challenge your muscles and bones, not your heart and mind! Escort the negative thoughts over the cliff of your design…

xo Lizzie

Our next beginning waits for us.

2 responses to “Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga 10/8/22 – NO MORE…”

  1. Thank you Lizzie for another wonderful season of yoga practice!! You made Saturday mornings a beautiful experience!

    Hopefully, we will connect with you through your online practice. If not I will see you in the Spring!

    Take care,

    1. Jody! Thank you!!! Have been building out the website today and this comment got lost in the fray!!! Good news hopefully being released this week xo

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