Happy Birthday, Dear Yogi!

Well hello there!!! :))) It has been a very long time since I have posted and MAN do I have great reason for choosing today to bat out some words to you. Many of us have had some birthdays since we’ve been together last. To all of you that have been blessed to see another–I hope it was very VERY special. Most of us have such a deep sense of everything as it relates to gratitude for all things that were never so precious as BEFORE you know what! So with that said, today I’ve chosen to reach out again because it marks the birthday of a very dear former student of mine. She was a devout practitioner. Yoga was particularly profound and meaningful to her because she had her early years in India–so it is ‘the way.’ The sacred land of its origins and keepers. The continuum, the wheel of dynamic and ancient teachings, practices and philosophies. The land teems and bows to the great energetic shifts/flows of the seen and unseen. So from this mystical land Mayuri did migrate with her family.

Mayuri would come to class and always be passionate and so full of questions and wanting to know and learn. It was beautiful to be her teacher for as long as I was allowed to have that honor. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia maybe 5 years ago. Still working full-time and dedicated to mentoring programs and other volunteering efforts that were always happening. She would not talk about how she helped people, she always did it quietly and it was only when I would ask something that I would learn. Usually around scheduling because she was always ‘all in’ on everything–but her YOGA–it was like her child. The way in which she cares for everything is what was so striking along with her truly touching humility. So I would like to celebrate Mayuri, who over the years in addition to becoming a Yoga Teacher and an Ayurvedic practitioner, has made it her mission to take all that she loves and create a special wellness line which is committed to giving back in a big way. We are all the time this kind of ‘tag line’ but it’s more than just an off the cuff mention with a couple of dollars here and there.

So happy birthday, Mayuri Mukka!! You have birthed your own beautiful creation of The Mandara! How you do all of this and more, I expect you to be my teacher on THAT!

I wanted to share Mayuri’s line with you informationally and also…well also because it’s an anniversary for us park yogis!!!! Ten years people!!! A decade Tim Roger’s allowed us to rule & roost over the courts for our special hour. There can never be enough thanks to that awesome RETIREE now!!!! YAY TIM, YOU DID IT!!! So back to our anniversary…seems like this year I needed to make it memorable. This year there is going to be a raffle of 2 gift baskets with The Mandara’s product and also other things of my choosing. It is my way of sharing Mayuri’s very special gifts and just a little way to say thanks to you all for all you bring to the courts every year. Coming as you are. And one more thing…yes the online classes are now possible! It has not been easy but it is DONE! Next week will be confirmation of at least one class that will be happening on Wednesday evenings around 6:15’ish or 6:30p.

So, if you select the two little lines that are under the left corner of the pic above, a menu will appear. You can select “The Joy Factor” and a quick information page will come up from the The Mandara’s site otherwise just click here for the full website www.themandara.com. Below are 5 Qs & As with Mayuri Mukka founder of The Mandara and really just a fantastic human being! (I’ve been doing hard-time learning how to build my website and the saga is continuing so just laugh when something bizarre pops here in the meantime–i’t mostly just copious amounts of feet ads but there is some strange stuff that may not make sense. Perhaps bless yourself and then a forward fold…and I’ll eventually get it right! LOL)

1.Q | You have a very accomplished, credentialed professional life by any universal metric we use to equate “success”.  That has not stopped your true brain—the heart—from interceding and co-championing this life of “success.”  Can you share with us what your definition of a successful life is and how you work to counteract some of the sabotages of that?  

1.A | Things have not come easy to me, and I really worked very hard to establish myself in my career. With that being said, a lot of my fellow classmates are much more successful than I am. So, professional success is always comparative. I came to the states from India to pursue my Masters degree in Engineering, and I come from a conservative background with very strong ethics – be it moral or work. So, this is the case with the majority of Indian children. As a child, my parents have always supported me in whatever I did, with good controls whenever needed. According to me, personal success is much more important, which is all about how content you are. Do you like your own company?! Happiness is not quantifiable like a bank balance, but rather, simple things like being able to sleep very happily every night. Do you have a clean conscience, are you mindful about what you are feeding your body – either through diet or things you watch or say, etc. 

And for different people, different things give contentment. For some, it could be painting, for others it might be teaching. For me, I wanted to help & heal people, I did not know how. And then Ayurveda happened in my life & I wanted to share this amazing wealth of knowledge with others as well. 

Life always humbles and teaches you many things through its course. And for me, it taught me that nothing is ever too late. 

2.Q | Since I have known you, I know that your ethos to give back is bedrock.  Can you share where this spirit and intention stems from and how you achieve this in your personal and professional world (when it is easy to be more concerned about self first)?

2.A | Coming to a new country and working hard in my 20s, as small of a gesture as someone recommending my name for a job meant a big deal to me. And once I secured a good job, even a quick phone call from a friend would cheer me up when I’d be stressed. 

My parents give back to the community all the time – from revamping my fathers childhood school building to sponsoring education to needy, we grew up watching them whatever they could. I personally love giving a lot of gifts and enjoy wrapping gifts. 

When I started The Mandara, I was very certain that it was not just a brand, but a piece of my heart and everything that I enjoyed doing. More than the sales, the small portion that we donate to different charities give me much more pleasure & a sense of purpose, satisfaction. 

As I am getting older, I realize more that helping people in need is truly a way to spiritual growth as well. And as Ayurveda says, life is a combination of mind, body & spirit! 

3.Q | The richness of experience and the awakening that happens growing up in two vastly different cultures must have been an invaluable blessing—and at many times I’m sure—a curse.  For you, what characteristic from each culture shines on when the other wanes to keep you inspired and moving forward when ‘the path’ has grown a bit weary for you?  

3.A | It is a tough question, because there are pros and cons with each. But I firmly believe that when the roots are deep, even the strongest of storms will not impact a tree. The roots here are really the ethical, social, personal, emotional and spiritual disciplines. 

Over the years, I have tried to find a balance & have known myself really well first. I am extremely proud of who I am now based on all experiences, because I have tried to always have a good conscience. 

You set a righteous goal for life & everything then is about making it happen. Everyone should ideally have a goal  – to a be good human being, and be a role model for younger generations – and  then everything you do will make you think twice. 

4.Q | If we were to call you the “whisperer” of something, what would the people who know you most say you have the uncanny ability to connect to or ability to attract? 

4.A | I do not now what others would say about me, haha! But I think I can manifest when I set my mind on it! If that’s a thing! I feel I am super lucky with finding a parking spot. There has never been a situation where I have not found an easy parking spot, even during Thanksgiving/Black Fridays! No kidding.

5.Q | With all of us being extraordinary and gifted despite our abilities to accept this—what do you see are your two superpowers or greatest gifts (of the heart & mind/intellect)? (list more if you want!!)

5.A | I would say (1) My ability to get lost in the magical world of books- I teleport into any book I read, and (2)  my curiosity & discipline to always learn something 

Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far and I look forward to letting you all know next week more details on the first class date. I am so very proud of Mayuri and that she continues to touch the world and in particular, young women in so many truly big ways, is mightily powerful!

Let’s all eat cake! xo

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