10 Years Together! Kiwanis Park 2023 Season Opener Welcome & Information

And so it goes…10 years later, so many chapters added for us all, we gather on our little resting pocket of earth, closer to the skies and one another. Bring all that you are and let it be…

I will confirm tomorrow morning on this website and if you follow this site, an email will go to your automatically every time I post. The Lizzzrrd Lounge Studios Facebook page will also be updated automatically. So be sure to reach out to social media if you do not already “FOLLOW” this site (also on Twitter @lizzzrrdlounge).

8:00am on the upper courts lot (follow the little road that wraps around the back of the pool house locker area up the hill. Be mindful of speed as there is a dip as you begin to ascend–park in the lower area and walk up if you like. The Garden Club will be there early to set-up for their 9AM Opener as well…so the park will be full of activity especially tomorrow! Enjoy it but plan ahead. We go until 9:00am.

Bring your mat and other yoga gear you wish. Always good to have a throw blanket or beach towel in the car handy.

Email with any questions or additional comments, etc. to lizzzrrdlounge@gmail.com. You can also call the Google voice number of 412.407.3344 and leave a message or text if you wish!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!

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