kiwanis park saturday moning update

we have tennis balls for this morning’s practice! a portion of them were an additional donation bringing us into fully covered on the numbers end…thank you to the folks who helped with this 🙂 see you on the courts yogis.

kiwanis park saturday morning update

see you at 8am! bring a stretchy long sleeve shirt or some other item that we can use in place of a strap if you do not have one. don’t forget to a towel too to cushion boney parts as part of your staple carry-alongs. bring water for sure!

kiwanis park saturday morning update

no rain, all gains! see you on the courts at 8am, yogis. if you can bring a long scarf, belt or extra light, long sleeve shirt that will be a great substitute for a strap this morn. and as always, an extra cushiony towel–bath, beach–whatever you have. see you soon!

Kiwanis Park Saturday Update

Great morning for practice while the monsoons rest. See you at 8am on the tennis courts with two reminders… • please try and bring a bath towel or a throw fleece blanket (for cushioning) • don’t forget your water and eat light at least an hour prior! See you there.