kiwanis park saturday morning update

due to the extreme heat, class is cancelled this morning. please let’s all take care of ourselves and one another and get through this.

kiwanis park sayurday morning update

make sure you hydrate, it’s on this morning!

there is shade for those who need it and sun for those who crave it on the courts so make sure you find what works best especially with the humidity/heat.

see you soon and bring the props you know to bring especially a bath/beach towel this morn.

New Teaching Schedule

as most of you know, i eschew social media and am terrible about broadcasting where i am teaching now that i am physically and emotionally ready to teach again aside from yoga in the park at kiwanis.

i have started teaching at Rival Yoga in the duncan manor shopping plaza (if you know the former Take Yoga–this is the location). i teach thursdays–so today–from noon to 1:00p, and it is a gentle/restorative class for sure.

my teaching has also moved in a direction of working with young adults and adults with intellectual disabilities (autism and other percasive disorders). as a single mother raising two children and autism raising (let the definition move in many ways) me, there will always be a special understanding and connection to those in this community. i teach at shawn mcgill consulting on mt. royal boulevard in shaler/glenshaw. many of you drive by and have seen the lighted hands reaching toward the earth sign–that is the the offices of shawn and staff. they are a social services agency and shawn was presented with the Temple Grandin award last year for work in the autism community (which has been decades). little obscure sign, big work and impact. on saturdays, we hold a group yoga class for these clients and others and we also do additinal work privately (office or home). if you have questions or interest or want to refer someone our way, please just reach out.

so based on the above paragraph, shawn’s offices will be the new location for a public evening class or two. wednesday at 6p (one hour) will start a hybrid yoga1/gentle mix and if you know my teaching style and have attended a class, you would know that you are often doing secret YOGA I moves only you didn’t know it!!! there is a fine line and that is what exists in the mind. it is not the yoga wikipedia reference table! 🙂

a second class is in the works. if you would like to offer some feedback about what you might like to see, that is fine. we all know pittsburgh is saturated with yoga so there are plenty of places to go.

some have asked whether i still teach privately. the answer is yes and this means you can request i come to your home (private or small group of moms, etc), you may start a workplace class or i can work in other venues.

lastly, this is the time for my website expansion and i will be working on the addition of adding “products” for folks to do where ever. so many clients have asked me to so this as they live all over the world and i have not come into this century–until now. those who struggle to get out of bed and try to work to ‘right’ their brain, and emotions, and then have the further arduous task of knocking on the body’s door and asking our parts to join the dance–REALLY?! “not today” might be an answer for a different day if there is more readily available connection to you all. there is nothing that sets me apart from all of you. the struggle has never been more real for each of us on this planet. let’s do the best we can a little at a time, and remember, we can only do what we can starting with ourselves.


this was sent to me from the devastated regions of the ozark mountains.

it does make sense, when nothing else does.

and so the hope will be for a saturday practice in the park. as always, an early morning update will find you…or you find it if you haven’t hit the “follow” button (on the site).

and for the GRAND FINALE!!!

kiwanis park saturday morning update

a good solid morning with no rain. cool temps mean layer-up for sure and please bring a something long to use as a strap (if you have a yoga strap bring it please!) such as a belt (bathrobe belts work especially well) , long sleeve shirt, scarf, with stretch, long resistance bands, jumprope, etc. it would be nice to work on our hips and hamstrings a bit more deeply.

you want to be comfortable with the cool air so i emphasize, be sure not to skimp on comfort thinking you will be moving and will warm up. that isn’t always the case! self care starts the moment we open our eyes.

this week a lot of new folks have learned about the program. we welcome you and reinforce the idea that you can come any saturday and there is no obligation for commitment or for you to have any prior exposure/knowledge-base. all are welcome always.

see you on the courts for an 8am start!