kiwanis park saturday morning UPDATE

this morning is canceled due to weather concerns and illness. tune in next week and you have my regrets!!! stay well and safe.

we shall try again for next saturday!


kiwanis park saturday morning UPDATE

yoga is on! awake and grab a belt/long scarf/stretchy leggings or tights–we will use them this morn!!!! do ALSO BRING a thick sweatshirt/towel/small blanket PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! the aim is for some specific hip and leg opening and we’ll be able to gaze at this a little more…

just a little note and then subbing schedule follows….when you yogis donate, that money goes directly to me and my kids. it helps offset many things like eating and other fundamental needs. there is gratitude beyond any for your generosity. a kind educational deed has been bestowed upon me and because of that, some of your donations were allocated to help some others. there are some small things that find it’s way out of our household and into others’. the nature of giving on any level is the easiest thing we can do. what is so striking is that we must learn to lift our heads to see the need directly in front of us. if we are not watching through our own natural mechanisms–our eyes–not the screen, how will we ever discover this radical moment. may we find our natural flow a little more connected to the beings around us. they need our time, our words our sincere interest most of all.

so thank you, thank you and thank you– to you all!! there is no way to fully express the impact of what you put into the basket.


Friday morning classes in NH on 9/21 & 9/28:

9:30a Yoga 1 (sub for diane)

11:30a Gentle (sub for diane)

Monday evening class in NH on 9/24:

6:30p – 7:45p Yoga 1 (sub for diane)

Will be some sporadic subbing happening for me in october as i have some personal and professional business to attend to.

thanks for reading and see you soon!!!


happy friday all! some had the advanced knowledge that tomorrow’s session–sept 8th–is cancelled. my oldest is taking the ACTs, so my teaching schedule on saturday is null and void.

my shoolhouse yoga subbing schedule is as follows tomorrow:

sara deroy/10:15a gentle • SH

katherine wren/2:00p restorative • NH

i am teaching my normal schedule on sunday.

thank you for passing along the word to those who might show up and not have access to social media!

hoping to see you next weekend :). stay tuned for the standard update.

kiwanis park preliminary saturday update & schoolhouse yoga update

hello again. just a brief heads-up that if it is an endless morning drenching of the ground(s), things may be too saturated. tune in for the final determination tomorrow morning.

a note on some changes at my schoolhouse yoga schedule. i have taken over diane’s thursday evening (6:30p – 7:45p) yoga 1 class in the north hills location. it will remain a “yoga 1” through the end of of the month and then will become a hybrid of “gentle/restorative” come september. this will not preclude the possibility of this class affording you the opportunity to ‘dial-up’ or ‘dial-down’ the intensity despite the new class title. there is usually the offering, should you wish, to take it in a more or less advanced direction. many have asked about a restorative class on a weeknight in the north hills–so leta has obliged and created this opportunity for those of you! with the colder months coming, it is a good place to land & work on nourishment and repair. some yoga nidra might even come into play!

my tuesday 8am gentle in east liberty will die a natural death at the end of august. i will miss my early morning cup of coffee watching “lola” the mexican hairless pup and her doting fathers, and the beautiful dawn skyline begin to wax and wane. being present but unimportant; a gentle salve for the soul.

the last bit of schoolhouse news is that in november, i will be conducting a workshop on vertigo. specifically, how to build a practice when vertigo has taken you hostage–temporarily or indefinitely! it will be at the squirrel hill studio on 11/11 (veteran’s day). details can be found on the website within the next few weeks. you may register online there as well.

on a personal business sidenote, i will be working on building a better website as we move into 2019. as much as i despise technology, i have also heard the myriad of voices asking about classes on-line and other ways to continue the practice with me, if possible. well, it IS POSSIBLE!!! there is no revolution without evolution! so i am working on making it a reality 🙂 any and all feedback/advice is appreciated ALWAYS!

sweet dreams, yogis.

kiwanis park saturday morning update

we are on this morning and it is going to get harder and harder to get up from this point on! the reminder that it’s easy when it’s easy.

please bring a beach or bath towel. we need something dense to roll up. that could even mean a thick heavy sweatshirt too since it’s so wonderfully cool this morn. do wear some layers and be comfy.

see you soon 🙂