Kiwanis update this morning

i have waited to see what shakes out with the weather and also because i am under it this morn…i am sorry to say i am not well enough to teach!   It does look like the skies are goingto open so i will use this morn as a rest.  I am sorry for those who were chomping at the bit….


stay well and enjoy your weekend!




kiwanis park today

finally!  i could be wrong but as i look out my window–it looks like what a normal summer morning should look like!!!  we have not been so lucky this year but here is hoping we have turne a weather corner.  see you on the courts!

kiwanis park saturday update

good morning, yogis.  it does look like another murky saturday practice, but the ground is dry and weatherbug (nod to jody!) is indicating no rain until later.   practice is on for this morning.  remember to try and bring something for extra cushion under knees and head when the moment calls for it.

we shall see what the park holds in store for us this morning!!!

Kiwanis Park Update

Practice is on at the park this morning.  If you jave aqua/water shoes they are a good accompanyment to the practice this morn since the ground will be wet.  Bring a towel for many reasons!  Keeping your mat dry will be most helpful.

See you soon!



p.s. to kiwanis park info.

so if you see nothing posted, then default to yoga is on!  if it’s a morning with no weather issues assume we are on but you need to look just to make sure.   i will default to posting when we have to cancel for whatever reason.  i just need to ingrain in you to check regardless of thr weather and again if you see nothing posted by 7:30am of that morning, consider it “game on”!!!!

kiwanis park

good morning, yogis.  a beautiful morning arrives so yoga is on at the park.  since we are moving into the warmer weather for sure, always check the Facebook page (social media) or this site for any last minute cancellations due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances.  if you hit the “follow” button, any site updates will automatically cime to your email box.

see you on the courts with maybe something soft and fluffy to cushion head or knees  when you need it!!