Good evening! First and foremost, there is no class tomorrow as the Bike Rodeo was moved from June to this date. It’s a big even and maybe you will get there?! Stay tuned to make sure that everything is okay with weather next week as it is our next scheduled practice.

Last week was a beautiful opening day and thank you to everyone who came out to practice. The first basket did get raffled off much to my amazement and complete gratitude to those that helped with the great ticket caper…debacle…almost fail ;o) Yogi angels to the rescue! Thank you and I hope that dear yogi and momma-in-the-making for the 4th time–Cristina enjoys the goodies. I met Cris years ago when the Millvale Library had just opened and Brian Wolovich allowed a yoga program to take root there. That makes me think about one of the most sublime moments when a student ‘made due’…I’m digging up the picture now! I still smile and think about that lovely little space. The practitioners that wove themselves in and out of the atmosphere at any given time.

Our next meeting will have the 2nd basket raffled off at the end of practice.

To end…this reminder of where we started. Every beginning and ending is a beginning…because there is no end. Blessings to all who nurture–for you are the mothers regardless of gender or circumstance. The curators of hope and love.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!

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