December News: Studio Location is Closing :’^(

Well…based on the title of this post, it kind of says it all.  Many of you who regularly attend the studio know that in October, I hit a rough patch with Hampton Township.  The Township had initially okay’d a renewal of Occupany Permit, but then it slowly became a quagmire of misinformation and defiance on their part.  Ultimately, the  Occupancy Permit granted to myself or my landlord was being denied unless the landlord  made thousands of dollars in upgrades/retrofitting to the existing property (in order to satisfy the ordinance requirements based on their new classification of business).  I have tried everything within my powers to stay within this very sacred space, but the reality is, that it is simply impossible based on the strong-arm tactics of this Township.  I do not want to further jeapordize my landlord’s relationship with the Township, so it is with great, GREAT sadness that i make this announcement formally. At a time when (my) the business of yoga was really taking hold professionally, to have to close the physical space and leave many of you without a daily source–is thoroughly heart-breaking for me!  PLEASE KNOW THAT!!!!

So what does this mean?!

This means that my physical, dedicated space is no longer available but i will still be found teaching in other parts around the city and am available for private consulation and group sessions.  And of course, when the warm weather hits again starting at the beginning of May 2014–Yoga @ Kiwanis Park!  Every Saturday @ 8:00am.  I will be posting the dates on this site once confirmed with  Shaler Township was has already given their approval 🙂

How can you book a private session or a mother’s group or other special party/corporate class?

Still continue to stay connected to the studio facebook page–i will be a portable entity–nothing new to a gypsy from birth!  Continue to frequent this blogspot and stay informed by adding yourself to the email followers by pressing the “follow” button.  If you are interested in setting up your own private session or mother’s group (you want to start in your home or someone else’s) or any other type of private party or corporate instruction, just contact me directly via email or the telephone number listed.

Where will i be in the immediate future?

I am going to be joining the family and alliance at Medica…the Healing Arts ( in the North Hills.  Yoga therapy is now under the umbrella of their expansive healing modalities!  The ancient practice of yoga and it’s miraculous benefits have been known for centuries but are only now being scientifically demystified and promoted (for a reason!).  Yoga is one of the best self-help tools known to wo/man…only too many of us haven’t discovered it yet!  That continues to be my job 🙂  So contact me or go directly to Medica’s site and you can find out more and how to book right online!

When is the last day of operation at the studio?

The last day of operation is planned for Saturday, December 28th.  The two morning classes will run as planned.

Last Hurrah planned following last class…

Please join me and other patrons on Saturday, December 28th for a drop-in, hang-out and ‘right proper’ good-bye!  Bring a pot luck or food item and spend some time together before the studio is dismantled and disbanded.  It will give me an opportunity to thank you for bringing your devoted energy & essence and such purpose to my life for the last year, and just a little more time to look into those wonderful eyes and really see the soul of such a treasured yogi (friend)!

This has been such a terribly hard reality to confront but like all things–it is a new beginning that is prefaced by a VERY…SAD…END.  The comfort is in knowing that the connections do not end.

If you have any further questions or comments, just comment or email me.

I hope that I will get to see many of you personally from now until the closing.  Christmas has been taglined the ‘season of giving’ but at the studio, it has been a season of endless giving.  It will always remain that the student is who it is about…all of it.  You rocked, rolled and ruled…and still do 🙂

Peace, love, namaste and all good things to you my dear, dear friends and loving practitioners.  It is only because of you that I existed at all.



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