Park Yoga Today & Millvale Community Library Opening

Park Yoga Today & Millvale Community Library Opening

No rain means our gain!!  See you soon this morning.  Come early and grab your mat.  Please be timely for our 8:00am start!  All are welcome 🙂

An exciting event is going on next week.  The new Millvale Community Library will be having their Grand Opening from 1p – 8p with super events scheduled all day.  Earlier that day yoga will be offered in the courtyard from 10a – 11a by yours truly.  Just bring your mat and get there a bit early for a prompt start.   Everything is free and the events are pretty outstanding for the whole family.  The library is absolutely beautiful and is just loaded with great energy, people and oh yeah…BOOKS!!!!  Maybe even consider ditching your vehicle for the day and riding over to the river trail after you’ve checked everything out.

Lastly, i am coming up with a new matrix for the fall schedule so if you are wanting some input, please let me know what you might like to see on the schedule.  This isn’t a guarantee for that timeslot but it does figure into the mix!  

Enjoy your saturday!

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