kiwanis park – friday hello

glad you all have not completely melted away yet! tonight is so beautiful and the hope is you are lounging or walking somewhere taking this perfect light and evening sky in. tomorrow looks good and based on what i heard tonight on our local news, could be in the 60’s to start!!! just yesterday i was trying to remember how great it felt to be all wrapped up from head to toe because i miss shoveling…you did not hear WRONG! new england runs through my veins, remember?! ahhhh, soon enough but for now, we continue the summer of swelter amidst the pandemic. how epically unromantic.

sweet dreams i hope and here’s to us having tomorrow…

p.s. we are still within the “under 50 for outside gathering’ but we are okay as far as not needing reservations. the masses are sleeping at 8am on a saturday!

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