New Video Class Uploading Tonight

it has been hard for every one of us to continue in light of our (world) circumstances. as i have been battling illness essentially since the end of february, it seems like we just can’t get a decent foothold on “predictable” times. mid-february the new studio space was completely ready. ahhhh yes!!! but the universe had OTHER plans!!! i have been in self quarantine for weeks now and it was this past friday at mid-day that my positive traceable connection to a the virus was confirmed. no test was possible as we know, and i am still trying to get UPMC to make good on their promise of testing; more than likely, many of you are as well. it won’t be happening anytime soon because as we know, words are the easiest thing to bandy about–even at a time such as this when they can be so critically dangerous.

so today, many studios have closed and the only alternative we have left to use is the power and safety (who would’ve thunk it!) of the internet and it’s online live streaming and archivibg capabilities. so in that i can’t help by giving blood or helping neighbors because exposure is the problem, the only other thing i could contribute was this offering. as all of 2019 was the year that i needed to get well, 2020 will be the year that world now works to come get well and have it’s come back. there can be no expectation for any of us other than to weather this unprecedented storm. the pedantic god-heads spewing from washington have run us all into the ground, so i am hoping to help just a little. please stay tuned as it is uploading to youtube. i did create a channel a few months ago and will be posting actively. the channel name is “lizzie hanulak” so you should be able to find it easily should you wish by 8:00pm. i don’t do anything in a highly controlled way, so this production is really quite off-the-cuff and meant for anyone to just sit and listen. participate? maybe. doesn’t even have to be the case. it might just be about finding a space with someone who IS unknown to you, but just wants to share time and ease some worries if possible. to open the fist of the mind and physical body.

please feel free to share it, especially with someone you know who might be suffering and wants no one to help.

as i am not a professional videographer, the audio and lighting is by no means exceptional. turn it up loud (you might hear some cat-mews!). feel free to send feedback and any suggestions for future classes. all that i might ask in return is that you check in with those around you if you are well. we must all be creative with a) how it is that we can find the impetus to get up in the morning as this saga continues; b) conjure up new and meaningful rituals and behaviors to help ground us and restore some new semblance of order (to our lives), and c) how to grow trust again.

we must all remember that there is not one of us that has not been affected at this time. so continue to look for unity even though we are awash in a sea of anger and fear.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!

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