Holiday/Winter Update

hello dear yogis,

i am just wanting to wish you and your extended families a very healthy and peaceful holiday season. we all are working to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual balance within the framework of our personal and professional lives. this will never be an easy task, regardless of the turmoil that goes on elsewhere in the world. remaining emotionally bouyant and physically nourished takes tremendous intention and focus; deliberate and repeated acts of discipline where self-care is concerned. they don’t have to be huge and earth shattering, and sometimes they might not even be daily. start somewhere small…very small. you don’t need a grand master plan. it can start with being aware of harmful and negative thought patterns directed at ourselves and others. the new year ALWAYS seems to mean new “resolutions”. don’t get sucked into this vortex of high expectation(s) and inevitable let down. changing our patterns and consciously choosing to buck trends and ‘social norms’ is okay. we only need our own permission. this is self love…and preservation.

pratyhara is one of the 8 limbs of yoga. it is one of the most challenging EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! quiet observation of our own thoughts and behaviors as we navigate daily (life) is key. observing vs. scrutinizing. deciphering vs. condemning. awareness of our ibternal and external influences. we must learn to be gentle with ourselves and others, in thought and action. enjoy the link below as judith lasater is one of the most astute and beloved (yoga) teachers/authors to graced the western world.


My Holiday Teaching Schedule this week:

SCHOOLHOUSE YOGA* extra subbing in North Hills this week…….

monday, 11/23 – 10:30am gentle (monique)

friday…as in BLACK!
9:30am yoga 1 (diane)
11:30am gentle (diane)

friday also has kendell’s moon salutations happening in the evening in the north hills studio. if you have never attended, they are a beautiful introduction to the cooling qualities of moon salutations. kendell and rick share their musical gifts with us. it is the perfect light-filled punctuation on a notoriously maniacal day. even if all you want to do is to be supine on your mat, under a blanket, on a bed of props; your choice remains your choice.

*my regularly scheduled classes are all on. get ready for the new quarterly changes to studio class times (additions!) and new workshops.



No class this saturday. class resumes 12/5/15 @ 12:30.


some have asked about private classes and that always remains an option depending on which studio is available for booking. i can also come to your place of preference. sessions may be given as gifts (general beginner, intermediate, convalescing/therapeutic, etc.) via gift certificate purchased through me directly.

you may contact me via email at to make arrangements.


i am happy to share with you that we today received sanctioning from tim rogers the director of shaler township, to continue into our 3rd year at Kiwanis Park!!!! cheers to the board and all who have made this program so special. our yoga is with us whether we are on the tennis courts or not.

thank you for sharing your practice and gifts continually. a newer practitioner just this week reminded me of the divine nature that resides in us all.

peace and blessings

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  1. Hey Liz, Just wanted to say hi and to wish you a wonderful and peaceful holiday.

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