Summer is here and now so is the heat.  What that means is more than just breaking out the summer duds and getting a swim or a barbecue in during the week/end.  It’s about the releasing of our stressors and letting the worries that often are associated with the winter months, trail our thoughts and leave our bodies for a little while.  We allow ourselves to feel like we are on a stay-cation in our own lives.  We sit, we stroll, we gab and we feel the connection to one another a little more deeply.  Our natural desire to socialize is reinforced by the golden luminosity of the sun against our skin and the countless hours it seems to hang in the sky, making our days seem gloriously endless–unless we are at work 🙁  we feel more compelled to unite and commune with those we have been meaning to see for months, but somehow never get around to.  So no more excuses, use these natural reinforcers to get out and make things happen!  Life waits for no one but it will let you run along side it if you make the attempt 🙂

So really take the time to kick back and work on cultivating your relationships in person.  Run, laugh, play a little longer.  Don’t worry so much about throwing your shorts on and whether you shaved your legs or not before you head out the door…feel the warm air against your skin and revel in the fact that your legs are pretty miraculous in all that they do!  Get steeped more in ‘how it feels’ rather than the preoccuption with what it looks like…what you look like.   Stop shaming yourself and realize that this is the only body you are ever going to have in this life and disrespecting it is not going to solve anything.  Love it, nurture it, praise it but don’t make it a prisoner…MOVE IT!

So that’s the reminder to “lighten up” with the season of light upon us.

Schedule reminders for this week…saturday no park yoga due to a kiwanis event.  sunday classes are on hiatus through august.  meditation moves to monday at 4:30pm starting monday, june 17th.

And the last wednesday “reminder”…don’t let your dog drive unless s/he has their license! 😉

adios and happy wednesday!

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