Donation-Based Classes coming to Monday starting 6/17/13

This week marks the first full week of the new schedule and in light of some of the changes, the studio has decided based on feedback that it makes sense on sundays to move meditation to monday afternoons.  This means that meditation will now move to monday’s from 4:30pm – 5:00pm.  It will remain DONATION-BASED and will begin on Monday, June 17th.

The 5:15pm Fibromyalgia/Gentle will follow at 5:15pm thru 6:00pm.  This class will also be DONATION-BASED and it is meant to really target those who need to integrate more dynamic movement back into their daily life but have been too afraid.   The idea here is to not let the fear keep you away and to keep the economic means to do so, within reach.  Yoga is a proven remedial aid in learning to live with the profound physical and emotional affects of Fibromyalgia.

Monday’s current schedule:

5:15p – 6:00p Fibro/Gentle (DONATION-BASED)

6:15p – 7:30p Mindful Flow (all levels)

Monday’s  starting June 18th:

4:30p – 5:00p Meditation (DONATION-BASED)

5:15p – 6:00p Fibro/Gentle (DONATION-BASED)

6:15p – 7:30p Mindful Flow (all levels)

As the studio continues to go through “growing pains” your support and feedback are very much appreciated.  As  the yoga movement across the western world in particular continues to gain more momentum, the idea of bringing it to all is always the universal hope.   There are many who can’t afford it or are repelled by something they have heard or read.  The greatest challenge remains–getting your self there to find out what all the hype/buzz is about.  it’s you against you–wonder whose gonna lose that fight?!



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