Flat Stanley Does Yoga!!! DO YOU?!

Flat Stanley Does Yoga!!!  DO YOU?!

Well, now is your chance if you haven’t already heard! Free yoga is turning up everywhere in the parks all around the region and the most recent addition is right here in Shaler @ Kiwanis Park starting tomorrow @ 8am on the basketball courts!!

We won’t be on our heads but we will be doing yoga and for many, they are not quite sure about WHAT THAT IS or if they even LIKE IT! :-/ So rather than letting the fear and “what you’ve heard” stop you–why not develop your own keen sense of what it is and how it feels in your body! Money won’t be a problem so it’s really just about showing up with a mat–purchased, borrowed or found. There will be a few on hand for rental.

Wear comfy, loose fitting clothes because as you will discover, what you look like isn’t going to be a problem. Guaranteed by the end of practice–you will have forgotten that you even cared! So get swept up in the energy and community of yoga and see if it doesn’t explode all of the misconceptions that are out there.

Tune into this blog for updates and cancellations. Rain means cancellation and the park will be in use during certain event days, so do check in weekly to stay up-to-date.

Eat well, get your rest and set that alarm! Get there early to get a spot and take care of a few details before we start. Other than that…see you in the AM 🙂

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