Finding the right yoga studio & other stuff you didn’t necessarily ask about

if you are just learning about yoga and are trying to figure out where to start your yogic i.v. drip, then you need to do some investigation into what styles and places work best for you.  when “styles” are discussed, there are many.  right now, the most popular is “power” yoga.  what is it?  it’s a very intense and heated vinyasa–structured and choreographed movement coupled with breath to create a “flow”.  the power series tends to be a faster tempo and requires fitting more asanas (poses) into the series.  slower flows are just that.  does it mean one is better than the other?  absolutely not!  the real question lies in what is more appropriate for you and what really strikes the personal chord IN  YOU!  these are only questions that you can answer.  so the best way to make the decision is to be your own little lab rat and sample, SAMPLE, SAMMMPPLLLLE!!!   the style of yoga varies just as the teacher’s presentation does…so it’s really hard to know without making the effort to find out.   there is such a beautiful assortment of studios, styles and teachers that this task should really be a wonderful adventure as you not only discover where you feel most connected when practicing.  it’s just another in-road to discovering more about who you are and paying attention to the things that you need.

what style is practiced @ the lounge? well, it’s a really a mixed bag.  power roots with the tempering of the rhythm and pace.  it’s slower, point blank.  it’s also very STRONG.  the slowing down requires a conscious engagement of all systems.   it’s also more organic.  that means that it is not critical that you force everything into alignment.  will the suggestions be made?  yes, along with modifications.  the practice is just that…each time, it’s new and the point of it is to get closer each time.  closer to what?  TO YOU.

what other kind of yoga goes on @ the lounge?  adapted.  big-time adapted.  it’s for bodies who have had life-altering and body modifying experiences.  it’s about making it ACCESSIBLE.  yoga is deceiving.  what we think it’s about…it’s not about.  the movement part is the smallest…negligible if that.  the beauty of yoga is that it crosses all barriers except those made in the mind.  you see, here we are again…this is where yoga works best.  the mind.  mind and breath and then whatever we can get the body to decide to work with, that’s where we start in the adaptive program.   it’s my favorite by far because there is nothing more beautiful and POWERfully AWEsome than the human spirit!

so happy yoga hunting to all those who have wanted to but are not sure where to begin learning about the cult…i threw that in to see if you have continued reading.  the only thing cultish about yoga is that it is a cult-fav now.   it’s mainstream and it works–ON EVERYTHING!!  there is study after study to prove it.  it only requires that you use common sense–not judgement (we yogis are totally against that STUFF as a rule)–and your intuition to guide you.  you know you best and if  you want to get to know you better…welcome to the world of yoga!

dive in!!!  […and make sure you pull your shoulders down. some teacher humor  🙂  ]

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