Medica…The Healing Arts | Wellness Expo. Event 2/15/14

Medica…The Healing Arts | Wellness Expo. Event 2/15/14

And even more activity to announce!  Beverly is kicking off another Event in February.  The focus will be on the process and art of DETOXing.  Considering the severity of weather and stress these conditions contribute to, there is no better time than THE NOW to invest some time into a ‘master reset’ of the mind, body and soul.  Follow the link for more details and registration.  I will be a contributor and conducting an all-levels yoga class at about the 2:00pm mark.  It will be a one-hour class.  Please be sure to bring or borrow a mat, wear soft and stretchy clothes and bring along something for hydration–water always the best choice!  You might even consider this a ‘sweethearts’ weekend for the one you have been trying to get to take care of themselves but weren’t quite sure about how to ease them into it.  These events are usually joyful and informal which are great for the worry wart in your life. ;o)

Beverly will be conducting these events monthly and in a specific pattern.  Stay tuned for more events and be sure to check out the yoga menu on the Medica site.  There are some nice perks for clients–existing and new!

If you have no idea what Medica has to offer, I challenge you to stop into their ‘space’ and see if it just doesn’t blow your mind!


Park Yoga Today & Millvale Community Library Opening

Park Yoga Today & Millvale Community Library Opening

No rain means our gain!!  See you soon this morning.  Come early and grab your mat.  Please be timely for our 8:00am start!  All are welcome 🙂

An exciting event is going on next week.  The new Millvale Community Library will be having their Grand Opening from 1p – 8p with super events scheduled all day.  Earlier that day yoga will be offered in the courtyard from 10a – 11a by yours truly.  Just bring your mat and get there a bit early for a prompt start.   Everything is free and the events are pretty outstanding for the whole family.  The library is absolutely beautiful and is just loaded with great energy, people and oh yeah…BOOKS!!!!  Maybe even consider ditching your vehicle for the day and riding over to the river trail after you’ve checked everything out.

Lastly, i am coming up with a new matrix for the fall schedule so if you are wanting some input, please let me know what you might like to see on the schedule.  This isn’t a guarantee for that timeslot but it does figure into the mix!  

Enjoy your saturday!

Natural Alternatives to Clean Your Mat

Natural Alternatives to Clean Your Mat

Again this week, another inquiry as to what the best method to clean your mat is.  In the studio, I use a tea-tree oil dilution.  There are other natural formulas and a nice variation is suggested in this blog.  Do a search and see what meets your satisfaction criteria.  There are many out there but as you research, you will find some tried and true formulas that pop up over and over again.  If you have allergies, your criteria will limit you a little more.  It’s important to keep in mind the make up of the mat too.  All of these things configure into the alchemy of mat cleaning.  

Yoga for the Abundant Body

Yoga for the Abundant Body

Most who do yoga in a studio setting, are quite familiar with the mainstream body-type of the yogi.  The best part of what is happening with the yoga movement is that more and more, the majority of the population are finding their way to the studio floor and onto the mat, mixing up that stereotype of the what the perfect yogi looks like NOW.  Even better, there is more trickle down to the segment of the population that really is wanting more than they are getting and this is where adapting the practice and finding the right studio, again, come into play.  Yoga is absolutely an option no matter what body-type or body-parts you have or don’t have.  There is an adaptation process that is right for you, it’s just about discovering it.  There is a very special pratictioner that I know of that made this remarkable journey and continues on it at one of my favorite studios.  She felt safe and cared for and was enough of an advocate and “plugger” to just keep at it.  Every I time I see her, I do a little mental bow in her honor.  She has great courage and understoods that she had all the tools she needed, she just needed some extra loving support and a place to build and achieve the practice that best suited her.  As she changed, it changed but it started at a point that was best able to adapt itself to her needs.  

If you are someone who is interested in getting a yoga practice started and weight and fear stops you every time, call or contact the studio and see if there isn’t a way to allay some of those fears and begin the practice (i can come to you if mobility is a problem) you have been wanting to. 

Happy Healthy Hearts Pittsburgh Challenge

Happy Healthy Hearts Pittsburgh Challenge

this SATURDAY, APRIL 20th, this event is literally running (and walking and anything else where movement is involved) @ North Park!!! There are all kinds of activities that will keep you motivated and interactive. If you are really serious about starting and aren’t sure about the first step…this would be it!

I will be teaching a restorative & very gentle YOGA CLASS from 1:00PM – 2:00PM in the Rose Barn (across from the boathouse). Class cost will be donation-based or included in your registration fee if you sign up for all of the activities.

LLS Practitioner Heather Abramovic

LLS Practitioner Heather Abramovic

this is one of my star practitioners! to look into heather’s suede blue eyes and know that you “can’t” is just impossible. she is special for many reasons but the article gives you a little glimpse into how much gumption and determination she has. every friday when she floats in–yes, now without her cane–she, her mom and i all get your yoga on in whatever way works best!!! she knows that the most limiting factor sits between the ears. rock on, heather!!! darius may have to learn how to catch up with you!!!!! 🙂

COMING IN MAY…a donation-based fundraising (all-levels) saturday class to help heather on her road to recovery.

Spotlight on the Studio & Schedule Updates (REVISED)

Spotlight on the Studio & Schedule Updates

REVISED:  please note that the 9:15am monday vinyasa was an error.  it is gone for now.

a dear practitioner featured the studio in her online business newsletter. many thanks to yogi alyssa truckenbrod who practices what she preaches daily and actively works to lift others up along her path!

starting next week, there will be changes to the schedule. if there is something that is not on the the schedule, think about a private class…at your home or business.

effective 4/8/2013:


6:15pm – 7:30pm vinyasa (all levels)

wednesday & friday:

9:15am – 10:30am vinyasa (all levels)
6:15pm – 7:30pm vinyasa (all levels)


9:15am – 10:30am vinyasa (all levels)


8:00am – 8:45am gentle (for limited mobility)
9:00am – 10:15am vinyasa (all levels)
11:00pm – 12:00pm basics (all levels)

Sunday:     (Donation-based classes…pay what you can afford.)

9:15am basics – 10:00am basics (all levels)
10:15am – 11:15am buddhist meditation

(RSVP is now required for the meditation. you just have to drop me a note via facebook or the blogspot.   sumitta hudson volunteers his time and has to come a good distance, so this courtesy is extended toward him.)

WYEP Alternative Souper Bowl to Benefit Hearth

WYEP Alternative Souper Bowl to Benefit Hearth

hello all friends and patron yogis…the link is information about the event that is free to the public when you bring a non-perishable food item (see link for all details).  last year, i started a volunteer yoga project for the women of Hearth and will be going into full swing with it come may 2013.  hearth is one of the most successful programs for women who are transitioning back into the community from domestic violence situations and they work to combat hunger non-stop.  they are absolutely outstanding and the women and children need constant assistance and nurturing.  won’t you consider this event as a treat to yourself and a benefit for others?!  i will be there as a spectator and would love to see some familiar faces.  if you have not been to the carnegie library of homestead…than you should take the field trip for that alone.  the music hall is insanely wonderful…the acoustics and intimacey factor ratchet it up to a 10 on the small venue scale, and then, if you open your eyes while you listen…you are in the 12 range.  it’s pretty glorious!  

THE STUDIO WILL BE CLOSED that SUNDAY, FEB. 3 to attend.  so come on out, we’ll all play hookey together!  😉