Class cancelled tonight

these storms have powerful winds, hail and lightening.  i am calling a cancellation tonight as the roads are unsafe due to flooding.  please, PLEASE drive safely and check your tv, radio and phone for up-to-date info.  these storms have treacherous rain and lightening…find a safe place to pull off if … Continue Reading Class cancelled tonight

Today is a WILD CARD Weather-Wise!

With this great humidity and deluge of rain, comes great unpredictability with weather-related fronts.  This afternoon and into the evening, dangerous rains/storms are in the forecast.  In light of those circumstances, please stay tuned to this site to watch for the cancellation of tonight’s 6:15pm class. Update comes around 5pm’ish.

Great Morning for Yoga in the Park

What a beautiful morning for practice it was! Thank you for sharing your time and super energy on the courts.  See you next week same time, same place and hopefully–SAME WEATHER!!!! 😉 namaste  


Summer is here and now so is the heat.  What that means is more than just breaking out the summer duds and getting a swim or a barbecue in during the week/end.  It’s about the releasing of our stressors and letting the worries that often are associated with the winter … Continue Reading Reminders