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Since the studio’s closing in december of 2013, i am a mobile entity now and rather relishing the idea that i am not relegated to one particular space any more.

So many methods to contact me…

a)  You may contact me on google voice at 412.407.3344 and make sure you speak clearly, as the message can be digitally distorted into the most amazing and absurd statements.

b) Send me a message at

c) tweet me…@lizzzrrdlounge

d) and lastly, Facebook!  leave a post or send a message via the “Lizzzrrd Lounge Studios” business page.

Don’t forget to “FOLLOW” this blog/site by clicking on the button!  Every time new activity happens here, you will get an email notifying you with the link.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and stay connected 😉


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