Kiwanis Park Info for 6/13/15

Please check the sight tomorrow morning for up-to-date class status at the park. With the weather being so volatile through the night into the weekend, it is hard to know what the morning holds for us. I usually make the determination by 7/7:15am at the latest.

Get some rest and if you are at the Art’s Festival downtown for Richard Thompson…you are some lucky ducks!!!!

Stay safe and dry ūüôā

Storm May Cancel First Class @ Embody – PLEASE STAY TUNED!

Tonight’s big news is that we are all ¬†bracing for another bout of winter wickedness…AS IF we have not had enough already! ¬†So the only thing we can do now is to wait and watch. ¬†Be sure to check your email and this site for cancellation information. ¬†If the school districts (shaler & surrounding communities) have gone to a 2-hour delay or closing, the morning class will be cancelled.

I also post real-time cancellations and important class info. via twitter at @lizzzrrdlounge. ¬†So the choice is yours just make sure that you do check facebook, this site, email or twitter to be ‘in the know’ BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE. ¬†Stay safe and warm yogis!!!



Schedule Reminders This Week & Miscellaneous Stuff

As we venture into the second week of the new schedule, I just wanted to remind you all that this Saturday’s 12:30pm mindful flow is cancelled. ¬†Cancellations don’t happen often but as we head into the winter months, it is good to take this time to remind patrons that school cancellations and delays affect the morning schedule. ¬†Please be sure to check the website blog/facebook or for more immediate info, follow the studio on twitter (@lizzzrrdlounge), when the weather gets frightful. ¬†Your understanding is so appreciated at these times in particular.

Saturday is looking absolutely spot-on for yoga at kiwanis! ¬†How are we getting so lucky?! ¬†I may be dating myself by saying this but “somebody up there likes me/us!” ¬†And doesn’t that make you wonder where this icon went?! ¬†I digress as usual….

A workshop is in the planning stages. ¬†It is not necessarily a workshop built around the asanas, which is just one limb of the eight limbs of yoga but there may be a component though. ¬†Are you getting curious?1 ¬†I hope so. ¬†It’s part of the dual function of the studio as well, not only to furnish the space to facilitate our asana practice, but to really cultivate other avenues in order to bring us closer to our selves, and our own true nature. ¬†To move us toward action. ¬†So stay tuned, being born takes some time and lots of really good coffee and conversation…which reminds me! ¬†if you ever have an idea that you want to share, please always feel free. ¬†The studio IS a communal space. ¬†It can can serve many purposes and people. ¬†Just contact me via any which way you can ūüôā

Back to the business of schedules…

New schedules have been printed, so be sure to grab one when you can!

Friday’s schedule:

8:15am Р9:00am        the mindful Xpress

9:15am Р10:30am     mindful flow

6:00pm Р7:15pm       mindful flow

Saturday’s Schedule: ¬†(modified)

8:00am Р9:00am        yoga in the park (kiwanis Рshaler)  FREE!

10:00am Р10:45am   gentle

11:00am Р12:00pm   basics


That’s it for today. ¬†I hope that everyone is managing to get through what has been a very interesting week within our nation’s history. ¬†Let’s hope that the anxiety and hysteria continually created by the media begins to die down soon.

Be well and don’t forget to hit the “follow” button on this site if you automatically want to be notified when any new activity is posted.


Build the Ark and Get to the Studio Today!

It looks like we have to call a foul on this day. Weather is not going to permit practice. Make your way to the studio if you can. Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope it’s a great one and look forward to seeing you all again next saturday!

A reminder that Monday’s also offer two donation-based classes of a walking meditation from 4:30pm to 5:00pm and Fibromyalgia/Gentle at 5:15pm (45 minutes). Mindful Flow at 6:15pm (75 minutes and is for all levels) is the last class and is offered at the regular class price of $12.00 walk-in rate or $9.00 discount. Passes and the new client $20.00 special for two weeks is always in place.

namaste ūüôā

Class cancelled tonight

these storms have powerful winds, hail and lightening. ¬†i am calling a cancellation tonight as the roads are unsafe due to flooding. ¬†please, PLEASE drive safely and check your tv, radio and phone for up-to-date info. ¬†these storms have treacherous rain and lightening…find a safe place to pull off if you are driving.

safe travels home all!

Yoga in the Park Tomorrow – Update

The radar is showing that showers will probably be in the area close to noon, so hopefully, the morning still looks good! ¬†If it stays dry up until and around 7am/8am, we can plan on our class. ¬†The good news is that we don’t have mudd to contend with from all of the rain received in the last two days…just one of many advantages practicing on the courts!

A reminder to show up earlier than our 8am starting time. ¬†Bring your mat, towel and water. ¬†Fyi, I have a few mats for rental at $2.00 but there are not many. ¬†If you don’t have a mat, borrow one!

If the weather is turbulent through the night into the morning…check this site for further updates.


due to the extreme weather conditions and the 2-hour school delays posted to all major school districts in the area, tomorrow’s (wednesday, 1/23) 9:15a class must be cancelled. ¬†this will be the rule when there are 2-hour school delays. ¬†thank you for your understanding and patience.