Kiwanis Park Info for 6/13/15

Please check the sight tomorrow morning for up-to-date class status at the park. With the weather being so volatile through the night into the weekend, it is hard to know what the morning holds for us. I usually make the determination by 7/7:15am at the latest.

Get some rest and if you are at the Art’s Festival downtown for Richard Thompson…you are some lucky ducks!!!!

Stay safe and dry ūüôā

Memorial Day Weekend Info & Schoolhouse Class Updates

Hello all and welcome to another kick-off marking of summer as we enter Memorial Day weekend 2015! ¬†Class information is as follows….

KIWANIS PARK – No Class Saturday 5/23 (back on the 30th) NOTE: ¬†I am subbing this week in the NORTH HILLS (Schoolhouse Yoga) for Kendell’s 4:30pm Gentle. ¬†Many of you who have discovered yoga @ kiwanis and yoga in general, and have wanted to see what it is like to practice in a studio but aren’t sure–this is a wonderful opportunity to see what “gentle” is all about. ¬†The studio is located on the access road to Ross Park mall that takes you to Salon Vivace and David’s Bridal (just as you pass 1/2 price books heading north). ¬†It’s a lovely way to decompress after a weekend of full-on activity and perhaps, toxicity ;^|

MILLVALE COMMUNITY LIBRARY РClass is now on summer hiatus.

UPMC St. Margaret’s Hospital – Class is now on summer hiatus.


My regular teaching hours are Tuesday nights at 6:30pm in the NORTH HILLS¬†studio. ¬†It is a “Yoga 1” practice. ¬†It is a good entry point for all. ¬†Saturdays in SQUIRREL HILL¬†at 10:00am for a “Gentle” practice. ¬†The place to be for everyone! ¬†Sundays in the NORTH¬†HILLS at 11:00am THROUGH MAY. ¬†Again, “Yoga 1”–nothing to fear here! ¬†Sundays will change as June rolls in to an early start of 9:00am! ¬†We all want to get our yoga in early so as not to miss the days events. ¬†The earlier we can let it move us, the deeper our impact on the world at large.

SUBBING @ EAST LIBERTY on THURSDAYS through May for the YOGA 1 @ 12:15pm (for monique).  That means today!!!


Tuesday, 5/26 | 9:30am Р10:45am Yoga 1 (for Monique)

Tuesday, 6/1 | 9:30am Р10:45am Yoga 1 (for Monique)


Sunday, 5/24 | 4:30pm – 5:45pm Gentle (for Kendell)

for full schoolhouse yoga schedule…go to ¬†the lovely tradition that schoolhouse has established is that “subs” are not advertised. ¬†this is not a mistake! ¬†it’s to get all to experience the beauty of each and every teaching style. ¬†the idea is to try everything until you find something that “clicks” for you ūüôā¬†

joyful and safe holidays to you all!!!  


Spring Message: Important Updates & Cancellations

well, it’s OFFICIAL! ¬†spring, at long last, is preparing to immerse us in all of the splendor around it’s renewal and rebirth. ¬†as we say our good tidings and “welcome” to it–it is time to also bring the focus back to us in a very big way. ¬†each of us, craves the energy and sustenance of long, mild days full to the brim with sunlight,¬†nature’s call to us, if we are able to listen and heed it, and calendars full of obligations and “to do’s”. ¬†as schedules begin to once again shift, we all¬†get thrown into a different rhythm with our school lives, our social lives, our work lives and every other area that asks us to get involved.¬† so yet again, it¬†time to reestablish balance. ¬†balance where our energies are concerned, where to carefully siphon our efforts and learn when to pull back. ¬†balance where our boundaries are concerned; every relationship needs them. ¬†life without boundaries can be chaotic, unfulfilling and lead to tremendous resentment toward others and most of all, toward ourselves. ¬†just as our practice teaches us to establish and listen to our own boundaries, this must carry over to our lives and with the habituating of this enforcement of boundaries, it will indeed ‘stick’!

let’s welcome spring with the idea that we will move ahead and yet step back and assess continuously, the tweaking of our daily balance. ¬†not letting the full push into spring and summer drown us in our expectations.

As you read the following news, please remember to always check the website (“follow” me so that email gets sent directly to you when any new posts are added here)/facebook (lizzzrrd lounge studios) page. ¬†i am on twitter as @lizzzrrdlounge and do also list real-time cancellations there as well. ¬†social media is the connection to keep you informed on any cancellations, last-minute or schedule. ¬†as much as i hate it, it’s a necessary tool for us all!!!


Prison Yoga Project (PYP) – Update

some of you know, and others have no idea that this has been a project i have been¬†very closely working on for almost 2 years here in allegheny county. ¬†although the jail has had, and still has, a program for the women–there is nothing for the men who are there for the duration. ¬†the PYP is an amazing effort started by Pastor James Fox. ¬†“Pator James” as he is fondly known, gave me a full scholarship to attend this program. ¬†as you can imagine, i was extremely grateful and would not have been able to accomplish otherwise. ¬†since much of my work is really geared toward the community and pro bono efforts, income is not usually a big part of this equation. ¬†this is why donations are so important¬†for many like us.¬† those who are able to give, do–and that is the continuation of paying it forward.¬† it allows myself and others who work diligently to bring (therapeutic) to the segments of the population that ordinarily, would not be able to experience it.

this week i have a very important meeting to learn how this program can be implemented and sustained. ¬†it is a complete grass-roots effort and i ask that all of those who have been tremendous supporters of me over the years, to send out some special thoughts and prayers for these men to get a program seeded and eventually to bloom. ¬†if we think about how our yoga (all 8 limbs) improves the quality of our lives…the impact on theirs can only be pervasively positive and impactful.

i will keep you all posted!



the program at the library has been going strong all winter.  some of the park devotees have become library devotees until the weather subsides and lets us return to the great outdoors.

saturday, april 25th is going to be a special “SOLAR DAY” at the library. ¬†this day is going to be PACKED with activities for all. ¬†check out the library facebook page and site for more information. ¬†ordinarily, our scheduled yoga time would be 12:30pm – 1:30pm but due to the celebrations, this class has been cancelled. ¬†BUT hang on!!!! ¬†there will be a special “Sun Salutations” session for parents and children from 1p – 1:30p. ¬†Participants must bring their own mats. ¬†if you would like to join, show up or you can give me a ‘heads up’ in advance.

there are some other upcoming dates that are important to note on your calendars where the saturday sessions are cancelled.  they are as follows:

3/28/15, 4/11/15, 4/25/15 (see above note), 5/9/15, 5/31/15 (set your alarm and get yourself to Kiwanis and you’ll get your yoga in still!)

please be sure to bring your own mats when you come, as there are none available on-site.


KIWANIS PARK PROGRAM, Shaler – News & Important Dates

just a few more weeks now and the program will begin again for the 3rd year!! ¬†May 2nd is opening day!!!! ¬†if you are new to the program, you must bring your mat and water and anything else you deem necessary to sustain your practice. ¬†we meet EARLY–that means we begin¬†at 8:00AM on the tennis courts. ¬†be sure to come earlier than the scheduled start time, as parking can be a little tricky if everyone is coming at once. ¬†for those of you not sure how to access the tennis courts, you follow the main road into the park and then go right onto the access road that borders the ballfield. ¬†you will see the road turn to the left and go up to the pool changing area and bathrooms. ¬†the parking lot is up there. ¬†its small so if it is full, there is plenty of other parking in the lot behind the jeffery school on your way up to the courts. ¬†there is no shortage of parking for sure, so don’t be nervous!

the “InShaler” magazine is about to be issued and should have all of the dates for the season. ¬†this is the list:

MAY – 2, 16, 30

JUNE – 13, 20, 27

JULY – 11, 18, 25

AUG – 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

SEPT – 12, 19, 26

OCT – 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

this year, much to our own surprise, we again eeked out another season ending clear through to the end of october. ¬†let’s see if we can keep that record going for a third year!!! ¬†there are so many wonderful yogis that i look forward to sharing practice with again this year.


SCHOOLHOUSE YOGA – News & Important Dates

my schedule at schoolhouse has changed a little but you can still find me weekly on the schdule. ¬†many of you don’t know that schoolhouse’s strip district studio has relocated to the east liberty area right on baum boulevard. ¬†parking is free on sundays. ¬†just a note that¬†easter classes run as normally scheduled, so get your hippity-hop on at 11:00am! ūüôā


Saturdays, 10:00am – 11:15am GENTLE

NORTH HILLS STUDIO (ross park mall):

Sundays, 11:00am Р12:15pm YOGA 1  (this schedule will most likely change in june to an early time!!)

 Tuesdays, 6:30pm Р7:45pm YOGA 1

this saturday and sunday i will not be teaching along with the weekend of 5/9 and 5/10.  

i am subbing other APRIL & MAY dates, times and locations as follows: (SH = Sq. Hill, NH = North Hills, EL = East Liberty)

4/3/15 РFri, 8:00am Р9:30am YOGA 2 (subbing for Linda Meacci) SH

4/28/15 – Tue, 9:00am – 10:15am YOGA 2 (subbing for Jenn Clark) SH

5/4/15 – Mon, 6:30pm – 7:45pm YOGA 1 (subbing for Diane Dice) NH

5/14/15 – Thu, 12:15pm – 1:30pmOGA 1 (subbing for Monique) EL

5/14/15 – Thu, 6:30pm – 7:45pm YOGA 1 (subbing for Diane Dice) NH

5/15/15 РFri, 9:30am Р11:00am  YOGA 1 (subbing for Diane Dice) NH

5/15/15 – Fri, 11:15am – 12:30pm GENTLE (subbing for Diane Dice) NH

5/21/15 – Thu, 12:15pm – 1:30pm YOGA 1 (subbing for Monique) EL

5/26/15 – Tue, 9:30am – 10:45am YOGA 1 (subbing for Monique) SH

5/28/15 – Thu, 12:15pm – 1:30pm YOGA 1 (subbing for Monique) EL




Kiwanis Park Yoga Ends & Other Happenings/Updates

yoga at kiwanis - october final days
yoga at kiwanis – october final days

Kiwanis Park Community Yoga РSEASON END 2014

October saw the end of the Kiwanis Park Community Yoga program. It was another wonderful year of more folks discovering the program and making it an active part of their weekly regime. That is the aim of the program, to give those an opportunity to experience the benefits of incorporating yoga into their lives. All of you who show up always do more for me than I for you, so thank you for guiding the practice with your energies. I’m already working on our THIRD SEASON! Tim Rogers had been fantastic in allowing us to move to the VIP section of the tennis courts this year which proved to be absolutely conducive to our sensory experience. Thank you, Tim! Keep watch for news here and in the “IN SHALER” magazine for the 2015 starting date and confirmed summer schedule. We usually start on the first Saturday of May…which means we can get to the Annual Shaler Garden Club’s sale! Enjoy your Saturday sleeping in–I know I am ūüėČ I will miss you dear yogis!

dawn humble pose october 2014

dawn vista tennis courts october 2014

No Millvale Community Library Yoga Tomorrow (Saturday, 11/8/14)

Schoolhouse Yoga – SUPER UPDATE!

It is with absolute extreme pleasure that I may release the news that I have been asked to teach at the NORTH HILLS studio (access road by 1/2 price books leading to Ross Park Mall) on SUNDAYS starting this Sunday. THROUGH NOVEMBER I will be teaching the 10:30a – 11:45a Yoga I class. For you who are not familiar with Schoolhouse (, these classes are not heated. Starting in DECEMBER, the schedule has been reformulated and I will teach the 9:30a – 10:45a Yoga II followed by the 11:00a – 12:15p Yoga I. Many have been asking me since closing the studio when am I coming to a studio in the immediate vicininty…this answers that question! You can pay the drop in rate of $15.00 (remember it’s a 75 minute class!) or purchase a number of different class passes. The most popular is the 10-class pass for $100.00…even I can do that math!! Also, there is the really unique ability to purchase a pass with a friend and share it. The North Hills studio is absolutely gorgeous with it’s soaring A-frame interior and walls of windows; intimate and soothing with a mandarin glow. Schoolhouse has one of ¬†the most phenomenal corps of instructors in the vicinity and it is a¬†true¬†honor and blessing to be a part of this team!

I am also subbing for the month of NOVEMBER on these days @ SCHOOLHOUSE…

Saturday, 11/08 – SQUIRREL HILL >> 8:30a – 9:45a | YOGA I
Saturday, 11/08 – SQUIRREL HILL >> 10:00a – 11:15a | GENTLE

Sunday, 11/09 – NORTH HILLS >> 10:30a – 11:45a | YOGA I (& every sunday thru November)

Tuesday, 11/11 – NORTH HILLS >> 12:00p – 1:15p | YOGA I

Wednesday, 11/26 – SQUIRREL HILL >> 7:30p – 8:45p | YOGA I

Friday, 11/28 – NORTH HILLS >> 9:30a – 11:00a | YOGA I (If you dare…Shop after)
Friday, 11/28 – NORTH HILLS >> 11:15a – 12:30p | GENTLE

So this is what has come down the pipeline over the last few weeks. There are some events already forming for Spring at the MCL (Millvale Community Library) and there’s always something new on the horizon…for me and for you all. That’s the good news. We do live in interesting times. Never more than now.

Keep on keeping on and stay tuned for more updates. ¬†Remember, if you’re not breathing…you’re not living. ¬†DUH ;^) ¬†so be greedy and breathe lots because it’s one of the only things that’s still FREE!

Updates & Cancellations

Kiwanis Park & Millvale Community Library:   Updates & Cancellation Info.

kiwanis park yoga 2014 august 001


for many of us, as the summer ends, fall is a time of new beginnings. some exciting things are happening behind the scenes for me and LLS. although the studio is almost a year gone, the mission work still remains at the forefront. the millvale library program has been active for one month and each week, takes on new members. last saturday, i spoke with brian wolovich about the continuance of the library project, and as ever, he is completely supportive. as the colder and inclement weather approaches, our migrating inward and finding a configuration that works for all is the next problem to solve.  he is confident that it is not a problem at all!!!  great thanks to brian, lisa seel and the library for allowing LLS to bring yoga to millvale and the surrounding communities. the hope is that others will discover how yoga has the power to improve the quality and condition of their life.

kiwanis continues on the tennis courts and we will run for as long as we can stand it. there is a beatufiul core group who continue to ‘show up’ come rain or come shine! the plan is to run through september and october and see how naughty or nice november is but my guess is that halloween will probably be as long as we will dare to go! part of the fun is not knowing for sure ūüôā

THIS SATURDAY, 8/30/14, THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES DUE TO THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND @ Kiwanis Park or the Millvale Library. classes will resume the following saturday.


Oxford Athletic Club:  Teaching Schedule

in july, i was hired to start teaching in the mind/body department at the Oxford Athletic Club in Wexford, PA.  since this is a private club, classes are available to members only.  please refer to their website by going to this link  for class information and details.

my dedicated classes are monday nights @ 6:45p “mixed levels yoga” and thursdays @ 12:00p “yoga I”. ¬†both classes are 60 minutes in duration.


Schoolhouse Yoga:  Substitute Teacher (Random Schedule)

it is my extreme pleasure to announce that i am now on the roster at Schoolhouse Yoga. ¬†my availability will be on a ‘sub’ basis and i will post weekly updates on when & what location i may be subbing, if any.

this upcoming week i will be at the north hills studio and covering the tuesday evening (sept. 2), “yoga 2” class @ 6:30p – 7:45p. ¬†this is an unheated class.


Medica…The Healing Arts: ¬†Small Group Classes Coming

in august, beverly leopold and i confirmed our commitment to bringing specialized, small group therapeutic yoga to Medica’s space. ¬†more details will be forthcoming at the end of this month. ¬†if you don’t already know, Medica has brought in some pretty incredible new modes of therapy. ¬†they have also done an outstanding state-of-the-art upgradge to the MBO system and it can only benefit everyone! ¬†want to check out what their new products and services are?! ¬†go to


UPMC St. Margaret’s Hospital: ¬†Yoga Classes Every Tuesday @ 4:00pm

thanks to the gumption of a very serious yogi and clinician, doris cavlovich, the yoga program at St. Margaret’s has been running weekly thanks to her impressive desire to implement and sustain it. ¬†anyone who works at the hospital is invited to learn and attend. ¬†all are welcome! ¬†this is a donation class. ¬†any questions contact me directly or doris at St. Margaret’s. ¬†the yoga is gentle to intermediate, depending on your abilities and the ER is right down the hallway…just kidding! ¬†what good is a yogi without humor ;o)



so for those of you who continually ask me where it is that they can try and come and take class, these are your options. any questions or comments, always, ALWAYS please let me know.

i hope you all have a beautiful and calm labor day holiday weekend. ¬†take the time to just be still and relish what it is that you love. ¬†see you soon wonderful yogis!!! ¬†ūüôā



Weekly Park & Library Update

tomorrow is forecasted to be another BEAUTIFUL DAY! the morning will be a record cold though, so the best advice from this new england girl–LAYER UP, BABY!!!! loose layers with cotton closest to skin to wick and a lid! yogis know that no matter the weather, when a practice is at hand, the prediction is heat build-up!!! ;0) it’s all part of the beautiful process. see you at the park for an 8:00am start as usual.

millvale community library practice starts at 10:00am. the library opens at 10:00am, so please be there promptly. we practice on the back deck and maybe there might even be enough grass growth this week to get us down on the lawn. either way…see you tomorrow kind yogis!!! ūüôā

sweet dreams.