kiwanis park saturday morning update

it’s in the bird’s song…yoga is on this morn. see you at 8am. take your time and be careful coming up the hill. there may be more baseball happening, so you might need an earlier start to find a spot.


kiwanis park morning update

…of course we are on! bring all your parts and we’ll work on wholeness (daily).

layer for warmth as we begin since we have a nice cool start. a towel is always helpful and a long belt or scarf.

Community Informational Offerings & Schoolhouse Yoga Subbing Updates

Happy Monday, community! I thought i would share some deeply inspiring information about a charity I had only just learned about quite by accident. As every client has a story, last Tuesday I had a more expansive conversation with a very dedicated client. As discussions often wind around and branch off into uncharted territory, this one was no different. Somehow, we got onto the subject of a non-profit that has been in existence for some time–but is truly extraordinary! This client is a writer and in 1999 wrote a published piece on the Homeless Children’s Education Fund which was founded by Dr. Joseph Lagana. There are MANY non-profits we know, but this one in particular really targets a vitally important and often forgotten demographic. I have provided a link to this outstanding charity that many may include in their cadre of non-profits to donate to. The greater their visibility, the greater their reach! Aleita Hermanowski is the author and she has her own amazing story along with mad writing skills! (see link below){“page”:”22″,”issue_id”:460287}

So, how about we connect the dots to the above Ms. Hermanowski #1…yes, there is another! Serendipity would have it that as I learned about this charity, I also learned about Ms. Hermanowski #2 IN PRINT AGAIN!!!! We have a new business in Etna that is now open….

So that means that we have to make some dates yogis!!!!!

I want to thank Aleita for introducing this charity and allowing me to reissue this information. It’s old but it’s still accurate and maybe some of you can really actively be a part of this organization, as I know so many teachers (former and current) who are always wanting to further their passion/mission where our youth are concerned. The census can’t even capture accurate numbers but it would blow our minds if we knew what the real-time stats were of those that were homeless and in a state of “transition”!

And the least important focus of this update is that i am subbing Abby Ritter’s yoga 1 and gentle in squirrel hill this thursday morning at Schoolhouse Yoga ( There are those who are interested and those who are not and there you have it!!

To the yogis I know are going through some absolutely obscene chaos–you are held in many ways. May you find strength.

We shall hope for a meeting at the park on Saturday! It is looking encouraging :))) Think well and be well!!

and a pic from our last morning practice sky…

Schoolhouse Yoga Subbing & Early Park Update

Just a little note to some who are interested that I will be subbing both of Diane’s morning classes in the North Hills (9:30am Yoga 1 and 11:30a Gentle) tomorrow morning.

Also, it looks like we may be rained out for Saturday but we can still keep hoping. With these violent rains, I hope everyone has been safe and free from harm. Stay tuned for final affirmation to come…

Happy summer solstice. Even where there is no light, there can still be hope.

Kiwanis Park Saturday Update

Some yoga to greet our morn is on this morning! The Tribune Review did a lovely encapsulation of what our practice means. Thank you, Jody!! And thank you to you all for allowing them to interview you and capture you on film. Communities working toward wholeness and inclusivity could not be any more important than at this time. It is good that we can encourage and celebrate that.

Remember…drive slow as you approach the grade up the hill to the courts. Car will love you more!

here’s the link…

Memorial Day Practice on Saturday Morning @ Kiwanis Park

The weather continues to be spectacular, so this will be an early reminder that yoga is planned tomorrow at the park (tennis courts). Plan on an 8am start as usual, and if you are new, give yourself some extra time to fill out a little waiver. Remember you may want to refrain from using personal products with scents as you may become highly attractive/consumable to to the insect nation.

There will be no follow up notice tomorrow morning unless we have an emergency cancellation. I am experiencing a small medical condition but i still have a spare eye 😉


i thought it would be nice to introduce many of you to Schoolhouse Yoga’s North Hills studio right at the Ross Park Mall entry (by Half Price Books). It is one of the 3 studios all over the city and one of the loveliest with it’s light-filled space. Sometimes before I teach later on Saturdays, i can sneak some “restorative” yoga in before I teach my formal 2pm Restorative. As you can see, it is a lush supported practice. It is the most ‘nutritionally dense’ and healing forms of practice according to (medical) experts. If you have never had ‘the studio experience’–it can be a very luxurious, highly punctuated variation on your practice meaning–you can go deeper.