Kiwanis Park Saturday Community Yoga for 9/9/23 – CANCELLED DUE TO ANNUAL YARD SALE

The Annual Shaler Township “Yard Sale” is happening tomorrow so we typically do not convene when this event takes place.  The sale starts at 8:30a and runs until 2:00p.  Be sure to get there early (link below)!  The rain may beat everyone :o/

Lastly, you may have seen some activity in the top calendar portion of the website regarding a class that may have been viewable to some.  In the next few weeks, I am going to be scheduling a class that you are welcome to join as a weekly class turns into more classes.  My work schedule has taken over a bit and as things stabilize, the goal of getting online classes will be a reality.  As the weather turns more gnarly and inclement, the opportunity for yoga at home for those who desire it, will be a viable reality.  I have heard the asks for so long and now I can finally say that I am now able to do this.  There more than likely is going to be the “Respite” donation class taking place on Wednesday evenings around 6:30p’ish.  Your feedback is encouraged on all things especially class schedule (time, duration, frequency).  This is the time for feedback and commentary!  Please send feedback to the standard mailbox

Good night all 🙂





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