Kiwanis Park Saturday Community Yoga for 8/26/23 – FRIDAY UPDATE

Are you ready for some YOGA?!  Caboose is back on the tracks, yogis!!!  Stay tuned in tomorrow morning as the rain is kind of all over the place with random ferocious downpours.  All of the wonderful love sent has been received and feeling pretty optimal and completely blessed.  We shall have an extra grounding practice and rejoice in our communal resilience!  And the woodpecker shall be on time and lead us back as always…to the garden of (our) restoration.

As I like to offer things (since so often I find that I did not know about an event that would have been wonderful) you might be interested in learning about…

Violins of Hope Greater Pittsburgh Area

…for years, Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” has been a piece I have loved and if you dropped into class, chances are it would on occasion–envelope us.  There is a story about it for me that goes back many years.  If you have never heard it, and chances are you have as it has had some major historical (moment) airplay, then you might want to prepare and let it introduce itself.  And may I suggest it be listened to with eyes closed and in stillness, where you are in a safe and loving place.

The link below is for the concert on October 8th.  I just wanted to share as this will surely be a special event.;

Good night and I’ll confirm tomorrow what I hope will be 100% change of yoga!!! :))))

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