Kiwanis Park Saturday Community Yoga for 7/15/23 – FRIDAY UPDATE (TUNE IN for MORNING CONFIRM)

Please turn the fan down so you can hear me!!!  ;~D. This from the person who as a child growing up, told her mother when she slept on her ears she could not breathe.   Many of us have such different experiences relationally, for example:  with our bodies, our environment (at large) and most of all, our fellow humans.  As always, please when you come, come as you are.  How many times have you heard what seems so cliché now.   It really should not become trite though.  The diversity each of us brings, is exceptional.  It should not be something we are trying to escape.  There has never been a greater time to make NO APOLOGIES–NOT ONE–not even walking in the gate beyond 8am!  Okay, back to other things 🙂

How about this weather and what does it mean for us tomorrow?!  We will have a purported temperature of around 72 degrees for our 8:00a start; there is a small chance of rain.  Due to the humidity and the instability the heat is creating, please TUNE IN FOR FINAL CONFIRMATION tomorrow morning.  Sprinkles aren’t a big deal if we are there and it starts, but lightning will absolutely have us end; you do not have to stay, so do not feel badly if you choose to leave if that happens.  I say that, as summer cloud may drift over, just like now…was just cleaning my mats outside and BOOM.  So let’s just make a pact that a final confirmation will come initially in the morning (usually from 6:30a – 7a).  Typically, I am out the door by 6:45a to work on set-up.  If it starts to rain prior to class, I will post on whether we are cancelled.  Again, sprinkles vs. steady rain/lightning during–also something we may have to contend with.  Ten years of these decisions and counting and yogis’ safety always paramount!

So the good news is most of us will not have to water their gardens tonight!  More money in our pockets.   Thank you dear Earth Mother! (BTW, today is Woodie Guthrie’s birthday, he loved her dearly too.)

Stay safe and if you can manage to remember…it would be nice to do some leg stretches with an “assist” of a makeshift strap (or formal one if you have it).  This means if folks could try and bring something that may substitute for it such as a  long sleeve stretchy shirt/sweatshirt/jacket will do if you are wearing it as you come, long fashion belt, super long tie, leggings, scarf, etc.   That’s the dream is that everyone has something to use as a prop/assist with them.  Hey, even a leash!!!  8^D

Get rest and we’ll be sure to pace ourselves and hydrate come morning.  You make the best choice for you always…there is no expectation or anyone keeping score other than you.  Let yourself off THAT hook…welcome to your weekend!!!


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