Kiwanis Park Saturday Community Yoga for 7/8/23 – FRIDAY UPDATE: SATURDAY CONFIRMATION

Good evening all! We have a 99% confirmation for tomorrow. Consider it confirmed. Check website/email/social media for cancellations only. I will only post if there is a cancellation!! That’s it for now and enjoy the beginning of your weekend. Many have a lot of resting to catch up on after a week of extremes–heat, activities, eating!!! You have the choice to take of yourself so make that the priority whatever that means.

And just because…how about I was in an Antique shop and almost fell over ON THIS!!!  My mom’s alarm clock for years and years.  I used to love to turn the wheel and listen to the tiles ripple along with the visual animation.  Perhaps some of you might be having a little memory of your own…?  I loved this and the instantaneous transport!  Ageless we can be at any given moment and under the RIGHT conditions ;o)  Movement can do that too,  in the right context of course!  Set your alarm, yogis!!

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