Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga 9/10/22 – FRIDAY UPDATE: NO CLASS TOMORROW

Alas we are at Friday again! How does this happen so routinely…the trick is to never let it get old, RIGHT?! Harder now that the world is seeming to believe it is getting back to some kind of “normal”. The kind of state of being & doing where taking things for granted and having expectations on massive levels begins to infiltrate our prior state–where we were grateful for anything that found us in our finely tailored suits of grief and deprivation. Something to ruminate on–even with that existence–it was still ‘the lion’s share’ to many who come from a completely different way of life. To think of other’s first vs. ourselves is not wrong, but it does not mean we should take the spotlight off of our continuous endeavor toward self-care. That means sometimes shutting people out because we can’t stand…their habits, their hygiene (or lack thereof), their ideas, their complaints, their greed, etc. BUT, can we not lose interest in how precious people are still? That’s the goal. Boundaries are still key but it does not mean we can’t maintain our ‘fronts’ with kindness. There is a way to be kind even when we must make it about saving ourselves and not let others steal from us (more about that below). Sometimes it has to be a complete shut-out, but there does seem to be a dismissiveness that is becoming too easy and riff amongst our ranks. I know I experience it and maybe you do too?! The rudeness and complete invalidation. It’s so hard to witness. I believe we can learn the art of how to curb and gently thwart their conscious or unconscious efforts of what feels like straight-up stealing.

Thank you for arriving on your mat whenever you do!! It is moment in time we seal together. It is something you are able to do for yourself when it works, when it doesn’t, the knowledge is that you are taking care of yourself as best you can. There is never a need to make yourself feel bad for ANYthing! Our goal is to not steal from ourselves or others–this is “Asteya”. (what I was touching on above–this is a repetitive PERVASIVE issue we coexist with)

We are full of our live’s weeks, months and years of residue. Ghosts. Chapters. Things no one could every guess that we rise from when looking at us. That is what I know every time someone stands before me. I KNOW that you are a survivor!!! A glorious book! A MIRACLE❣️

Asteya is the third Yama and one of five that make up the first of the eight limbs of Yoga. The following is a link if you are interested in learning more. I don’t do a lot of speaking about the yogic philosophy at the park but it is woven into the practice, regardless. Here is the link:

“Be where you are…otherwise you will miss most of your life.” – Buddha

We steal from others when we assume, judge and condemn. They are Miracles too. Keep moving about in the world as only your miraculous self can and continue to touch others with your kindness, wisdom and natural wonders. It’s what only you can bring to the table! NO CLASS TOMORROW because of the 4th Annual Shaler Yard Sale, so maybe get excited and set your alarm STILL!!! So, I guess it would be completely wrong to say you’ll find some real STEALS! 😜

Be free, let go…be you. A blooming Miracle.

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