Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga 9/3/22 – FRIDAY UPDATE

Happy Labor Day weekend all! An preliminary confirmation that practice is on for tomorrow. I did just check the hourly weather forecast and there is some chance of showers early, so as always, please double-check social media/email for any last minute cancellations. Typically, you will see my confirmation come by 6:30a. Murky gray skies don’t scare us and do not mean practice is cancelled; saturated ground, lightning and stormy inclement weather mean things are cancelled. Many of us still make the trek to the courts when it’s not so pretty, so I just want to clarify because some are not sure about what conditions cause an official cancellation.

This was last Saturday’s breakfast which was from the bounty that you (pl.) lovingly cultivated and shared with me. The sweetness and spice was absolutely divine and I can’t tell you how blessed and satiated I was on so many levels! Thank you for this feast! Because some very ‘uncomfortable’ times are upon us, my morning companion was my ‘ride or die’ book right now! Pema Chodron’s “Welcoming the Unwelcome: Wholehearted Living in a Brokenhearted World.” Each chapter is particularly powerful and salient but Chapter 10 (all of which I bounce around over and over again depending on the remedy needed), I found to be gospel. I actually made a recording and then realized I can’t post it because it is a copywright infringement…BOOOO!!! I would highly recommend this very gentle read if you are looking for some torn parts of you that are trying to find their way back together.💝


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