Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga 8/27/22 – FRIDAY PRELIMINARY UPDATE

Welcome to my “Ping”dom! Some have been asking about Pingala so I thought this was the easiest option–she is wonderful! She had no idea she was about to get her first bath with me. If I may share what was a most bizarre story and maybe make you chuckle. I’m someone who since I was a kid, was taught that water is precious and to be used in absolute moderation. The droughts of the 70s, 80s and 90s were our teachers. Our country is the only country that does not have the understanding that water is not an unending source and is mostly scarce/luxury everywhere else in the world (especially untainted water). And as we know, this is a problem because water literally equals life. With that said, I took my bath and “Ping” sat like the sweet steward she has become, and wondered when her moment might come. When it did, she wanted to give it back! So after baths we dried off and I had the television on in the background, a game show is on. “Celebrity Family Feud” which is not something I watch, as I typically do not watch much TV. BUT!!! As a kid, we were all about Richard Dawson and Family Feud so I was half-in! Imagine when out-of-the-gate there comes a question about something along the lines of “What is the weirdest thing to take a bath with?” Can you guess where we are going with this?! It was rather uncanny and made me feel like perhaps I needed to turn myself in, but I believe it was answer No. 6. I thought I would share that because clearly, there may be 5 other people reading this that conserve water in very creative ways as well! A water conservation tip I always like to share is to water your garden and houseplants with your humidifier water. With the preciousness and cost of water, it does help offset both issues. A random share to make you either grin or wince but most importantly, to penny pinch! ;0) If you have a great tip you want to share, please send it and I am happy to post!!

So back to the task at hand! Rain and stormy weather are potentially working its way through tonight. We again have to be on alert for tomorrow morning since the weather is very mercurial right now. Hopefully, we are safe again and we have another wonderful practice like last week! We are closer to the ground tomorrow and “softer” so feel free to stay in jammies and bring a blanket.

Please remember to check in for final confirmation in the morning.

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