Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga 8/20/22 – FRIDAY UPDATE

Happy Friday to you all! Allegheny County’s COVID numbers have pushed us into the “HIGH” bracket again it seems. This does not change anything to do with us right now as we are still outdoors and practicing in our standard ‘socially distant’ way (all mat locations marked and 6′ or more away from one another). I just wanted to state that things are beginning to reverse based on what I am seeing in today’s reporting from the news wire. So of course, our physical yoga practice tomorrow will really come in handy!

Please tune in for final confirmation tomorrow morning. The chance of rain is very low but it is still possible and I am a bit under the weather (it’s definitely NOT COVID!) so it will be important for me to confirm it tomorrow morning vs. tonight.

I have included a YouTube video of an artist that is a gift to this world. Her story is one of triumph. She played at Hartwood Acres this past Sunday and I attended. It has been a long time since I have been so moved, so I thought I would share her grammy winning poem/song. If you are interested in hearing her story there is a TedxTalk you can search. It is exceedingly powerful!

To close, many of you may have had the same experience I have this week in finding that everyone is overwhelmed when engaging with them. As we move toward the fall, there is a shift always of energy. Even beyond this though, the world upheaval has us all very very raw and unsettled as we know. The courts continue to be our place of solace. They will support us and shelter us. So if you come, as always, continue to make that promise to yourself that you will not push. If needed, you will quiet and retreat and settle on your mat if that feels right. If you need to leave on a dime because something has picked you up and swept you out to sea emotionally–please, PLEASE–find the safety that you need in these moments! If there are resources that you are needing and are not sure about, please email me privately and I will do my best to connect you. There is no need to suffer alone. And most importantly, always remember the national suicide hotline–they are a text, call or chat away at “988”!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!