Kiwanis Park Yoga Saturday 7/2/22 – MESSAGE OF CANCELATION

Hello all. I had planned on our Saturday practice but have had a health issue pop up mid-week that has required me to cancel all teaching this week. This always makes me sad and typically concussions, fractures, sepsis–I TEACH! Not this time.

Rain looks like it is going to claim the evening/morning anyway, so that will make me feel like I didn’t completely let you all down!

Please have a wonderful holiday weekend doing only what you want and taking care of yourselves all the while. Eat, play and be content.

Happy 4th and let’s pray our pets make it through! 🧨💥🙀😿

4 responses to “Kiwanis Park Yoga Saturday 7/2/22 – MESSAGE OF CANCELATION”

  1. Oh no! I am sending positive vibes and will be keeping you close in prayer for a healthy recovery from whatever health issue brought you down this week. (& that I know won’t keep you down too long)!!

    Please lmk if you need anything.

    1. 😽thank you so much dearest amy!!! i am working on that rebound shot and thank for your faith and prayers & good vibes!!! much love and hugs and i hope your gang has an especially wonderful weekend–remember, slow and steady for the WIN🙃💓

  2. No worries, take care of yourself!!
    We have many sessions to come.

    Try to have a wonderful 4th!

    Take care!


    1. 🤗thank you so much, jody! Mother nature helped me feel better too knowing it wasn’t my fault entirely 😜happy weekend❣️

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