KIWANIS PARK Saturday Yoga 6/25/22 – Friday Night Update

Tomorrow’s practice should be close to perfect based on the reports. Please be sure to bring water to stay hydrated as it will be warm by 8am. Towel/throw to bring with you. Remember to tune in for one final check that all is okay and clear for us! Here’s my little friend from last week–which was cold and stormy and who knew that we would get through it but we did!!! I could Google this specimen and figure out what it is but it is more fun if someone viewing it knows–and tells me! The less interaction with Google, the better for me! People with fundamental imbedded knowledge rule 🙂

The wind will be our friend too.


As I was sure that rain and a storm would take over like the other week right as I was finishing our chalk lines, the wind became so sweeping that I had to “roll” on the trees all around me. The leaves were magnificent in their rustling. Have you ever stood in a field to listen to the quaking of an Aspen grove in the wind? it’s the cure regardless of what ails you. You just didn’t know it yet!

For others to see our venue that are not familiar with the area, is also a nice benefit. We have the benefit of solid level ground and remoteness. Sensory issues like grass and bugs are big for many (I am one with grass). The privacy and elevation create a super special component. So for those who are not familiar with the territory, it’s a nice little sneak peek!

Plus, when it gets hot like it will on Saturday–we move to the lower level where the canopy shields us from the direct sun. A logistical maneuver to help us stay cooler!!!

Drink lots and stay cool tonight! See you tomorrow if we are blessed.

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