An Extra Saturday ‘After-Message’

Dearest Yogis. It does seem wrong as many of us teachers know, that we get more back from teaching than you might sneakily suspect. In my experience as a teacher, there is nothing more sacred to me to be in a room (even in my role as appointed “teacher”–i am still the eternal student) with those who share the space and surrender to the time we spend together. It is my job to protect in this teaching space/time.

This morning was the first morning in a long time, that i entered the grounds and was overwhelmed on a different scale. As the universe has a way of counter-acting, a police patrol came up and we had a lovely conversation about life. Today’s practice had remnants of that. All things have remnants of another thing…residue. We trapse through our lives tracking remnants from one job, one relationship, one place…one experience–that’s all it takes. How do we get to the point of ‘what was, should not own us’?! We all are asking these questions. Daily, hourly, minute-by-minute. Is your environment safe from the broader sense to the more diluted? If your venues and commonplaces are not places that are protecting you and recognizing you as an integral & valued part, that it is something to observe, to contemplate. THEN WHAT?! If there is an opportunity for choice and you are able to make one that does not leverage you– your finances, your independence, your integrity–all of that good and important stuff, then that is fantastic. It doesn’t mean it won’t be hard, but there is a personal choice that CAN BE MADE for you there. There are not many of us who can “choose the path” of leaving a 6 or even 5 figure income, to ‘do what we love’. Are you like me where you get tired of hearing this? What you can do though is do this on a small scale. Eventually, it might be if we are blessed and super strategic, this will eventually become our reality. So, our yoga practice becomes a very dominant aspect at times like this especially, as well. Our yoga off the mat is the BIGGEST greatest yoga of our lives. It is the bedrock of how we live our lives and ‘our becoming’ along with other foundational personal principles we hold dear. Nothing is locked in, and everything is forever changing, but, our response and our willingness to stand by a way of global predictable kindness and non-reaction, does not waver (in a perfect world perhaps). Even in our failure daily, anything we can manage at the time, is enough. It is something. It feeds into the change we need, the change we yearn for, but don’t always believe we have the power or permission to facilitate. So in the moments you are feeling powerless and out of control, keep remembering THE FEAR IS THE ENEMY. Not people, not places…our fear. I held onto to this today, the words of this kind Officer so powerfully felt. He left and I shed some tears and worked that enemy out of me. That was some of today’s practice explained. It was a very strong practice. You helped me through and you did not know! I was there for you and you were there for you…as it should be. “Thank you” is all I can say and then press repeat–about a thousand times.

So back to you all coming and staying on your mats for a while together with me…all that you track onto that mat, all of the pain, joy and unrelenting sorrow….those parts that rocked your world and changed you forever, make you so much more beautiful and visible. The quiet agreement of trust as you take care of yourself is a sacred tenet. You are in control and then you surrender, fearless. Well done!

When I say that no Saturday or any day is not special, that is the truth. When you all fall out of bed and roll up, it’s still very important and meaningful as I watch you come. Today it was particularly exquisite to be moved on the emotional pendulum from one extreme to the other. That is the bounty and the beauty of moments as they pass, we do not know where they lead. Ah yes, with that we could queue the fear again but NAH!!! Not today. So many very special yogis–so little time.

Today we give back. Half of today’s donations have been given with loving gratitude back to the Shaler Police this weekend to help keep them buzzing like bees with a Dunkin Donuts gift card exclusively for them (they don’t know til’ check out time!). They do so much for us and the community that it is just a small token of our love and appreciation to them. Making sure that we continue to be able to practice and are supported in every aspect by the Shaler Township municipality on every level, is beyond precious to us.

I was supported and inspired to start another program in the community (by another who was present today and spoke to me some weeks ago) which started this week. I continue to do what it takes to let people know they have permission to be who they are as they practice, and when I hear them say that they are ‘not flexible’ this makes me continually perseverate on my next tattoo…”I DON’T SPEAK RHETORIC”. What starts in the mind, ends in the mind. Yoga fools people into believing it’s about the body…game on, folks!

Until we meet again, dearest yogis, I wish upon you some great moments of joy felt from your little baby toes all the way to your ROYAL crowns!!! Below is something to help you dream a little more sweetly…

P.S. Thank you to all who brought your blankets. I had planned to do some other things but with all of the tournament noise, it would have been harder for you to hear me give instruction (my microphone would not have been able to compensate over the other announcer, etc). That was also part of today’s class ‘shaping’. It’s not always that noisy but some days it does happens!! :o)))

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