Kiwanis Park Yoga 6/4/22 – REMINDER

Hi all. You might have noticed that the website is changing. I am working on reconfiguring things and also a platform that supports classes and other functions. The requests continue to come from folks on where I am going to be teaching and that is mostly not an option other than in the park (open-air forum) or online (i know–it’s not the ideal choice), so I this is my big goal right now. Please help with feedback too as it would be good to know what you might like to see and what you prefer in general.

So, this beautiful day and evening will lead, it seems, to another day like this! No rain in the morning forecast and brisk. With this said, make sure to be comfy and dress in layers for warmth. Always remember to have one last minute check to make sure that we are confirmed before you head out the door for the 8AM start!


Remember to drive slow as you make the climb up the hill–you’ll hit your front bumper if you have too much morning gusto,


bring a large bath towel, throw or some small blanket (“yoga blanket” if you have one works!). We are going to use it! The practice will be mostly supine (laying on back) and prone (laying on front side) as well as side body.

Thanks and looking forward to a new beginning.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!

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