Kiwanis Park Yoga UPDATE for 5/21/22 – NOT on OFFICIAL SCHEDULE

Hello All!!

What a lovely first practice we had and the weather was perfection 🙂

Sadly, it was remembered last week after most had left that the 21st is not on the official calendar!!! There is a Shaler Township event (Bike Rodeo @ 10A), so that date is one of our “off” days–NO CLASS. Next Saturday (5/28 – Memorial Day weekend) is scheduled, but remember to always check the website/social media regardless.

Enjoy your weekend and the days in-between as well. It seems like so many of us are just ‘living for the weekends’ now and trying to make up for lost time, going super hard. I read a beautiful obituary today about a man who seemed to take nothing for granted, not a person, not a day. necessary reminders to not get stuck in yesterday and invested in tomorrow, be rooted exactly where we are in this moment.

Happy trails and see you soon!

P.S. This is why I will never go back to teaching in a studio again when many ask me if that will happen…

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