Kiwanis Park – Yoga in the Park 5/14/22 UPDATE

Prepping for tomorrow morning! I will confirm as always by 7ish on the website (and if you are “following” an email will find you automatically). Facebook gets updated automatically so make sure you check one or the other. All weather is pointing to no issues and if it’s like today, we can handle it!!! Get your rest and wear your layers and please if you can, have a spare beach/bath towel (bring a block if you practice with one and whatever else brings you comfort; it still is not safe to share my blocks YET!).

sweet dreams and prepare for the Super 🌺 blood 🌝 to come!

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  1. Can you send your website please

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    1. Elizabeth Hanulak Avatar
      Elizabeth Hanulak

      hi pam–do you mean my email? it’s you are on the website ( if you hit the “FOLLOW” button, every time i post yo the website, you will automatically get an email letting you know. Maybe that’s what you are wanting? i hope this helps!!!

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