Happy Two-Week Saturday Mark Humans!

We are almost there and if you are like me right at this moment, you are sitting with the birds welcoming this day too! A blessing of blessings to have each day find us. Not each day is easy we know. But, somehow we manage to gather the strength and get up, a heroic feat in itself because it’s “easy when it’s easy”!

As these months (years) continue to be a test for us all, regardless of age or circumstance, there is no way we are not continuing to accelerate the rate at which we evolve. The hope is that we continue to find the places that we know are safe with one another. Doing the things that bring us quiet peace as the world begins to teem, and create a vibration that is extraordinarily deafening and many times, damaging.

I would like to share a video with you. It was a challenge to listen at first but I encourage you to stick with it. Frank is someone I discover some time ago and the Upaya Organization has been a source of comforct for me. He has survived some very severe strokes, so it is a struggle for him initially, but he finds his stride. I wanted to share this with you last weekend with it being Easter, as so many may be coming together with family. I thought it might be helpful to some. It’s a reminder to mind your heart and don’t be afraid. Everything that defeats us comes from a base of fear.

When we meet again, we will be new and different together, but none-the-less, whole and alive. To spark the spirit with shared movement & tangible long-awaited (re)connection is around the corner!

Tune in for the morning of May 7th and keep inundating Mother Nature with tugs at her climate skirt for clear skies and our cacophony of bird-like song. We are here for it!

Thank you for remembering what helps you rise and care for yourself and letting the Township and I help you where we can.

May 7th @ 8:00am is our tentative start. Remember! Plan on coming early. Garden club has their sale historically right after, so parking will be tricky even before their 9am start. Maybe ride-share if you feel okay with that or have a morning walk together. It’s a great excuse to reconnect with someone you had been meaning too. I will still be marking the courts. It’s our life and it’s okay!

Please take care of your self and wear your slippers and move slowly (ah yes, they prevent broken toes–says the teacher 4 weeks before class) SLOWING DOWN facilitates presence!!! Good reminders ;o)

~ lizzie

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