Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga 9/4/21 – UPDATE

It is good to be able to broadcast to you again and give the nod to tomorrow’s session in the affirmative! all conditions look good and they actually will be quite cool. This will mean some good layering going on! We are a go and any last minute cancellation would be posted so make sure you check. I could be attacked by one of Nadia’s rabid raccoon bandits in my sleep. Just saying….

Something very special to report is that Tim dropped the signs off last week and they are just en pointe! I wanted to thank him personally today and dropped into the Municipal building to do so. Elaina was out and a gentleman I know from years of school pickup with my kids was there (he works for the Borough) and he was so kind and received me and in doing so, exclaimed to me that HE was THE ONE who made the signs (and made put them at the top of the priority list)!!!! His name is Anthony and he is just a remarkable soul who even gave me the most beautiful hug to punctuate the gift. Little did he know that the last weeks and 3 days in particular, have been deeply trying. This was a gift he could not have known would be so appreciated and healing. And the universe gave again with a little message coming across the electronic waves that parted my sadness this morning. How is it that these moments are so neatly folded in and given to us at the exact time they are needed?! How many times have we said “I was just thinking of you!” and “How did you know I needed that!”–this is the power of thought, prayer and the mostly the extraordinary alchemy of the universe. Loving people acting in loving ways. It is just who they are.

If you read and know part of why I was gone, you know that I have been involved with the production of one of the movies being filmed in the area. This is not my first rodeo and there are many people that come and go with these productions. And then there is just that special angel that finds you and just does what they do. Opens themselves to those around them. Genuinely–not to be worshipped, adored and showered upon with attention. Just a real interest and caring for all life-forms. So my cup is pretty full despite some of the “dings” life throws us. Fall is a melancholy time for us all. Especially when we have seen so many come and go. Family. Friends. Lovers…and the list can seem endless. So for all of us who aren’t cured simply by mass irrigation with pumpkin lattes at this time, Fall can be anti-climactic…the season of sadness. And what’s the remedy?! Movement of course!!! Interruption of these ruminations. Do we remember how long emotions in general take to sweep through us???? About 20 minutes. That’s enough time for some really good moving mediations to arrest us!!!! Please take us away yoga, and transport us back into a state of homeostasis and the notch closer to….THE MIDDLE!!! Neutrality. Objectivity. PEACE, baby!!!! NOT SWITZERLAND–no travel, remember?!

Please be sad, angry, happy or where ever you are on the emotional spectrum. This is your practice to come exactly as you are. Come from your place, to this place. The infinite sky will free you.

Sleep hard and dress for warmth, again, with layers. I am asking everyone, please try and bring a long belt or scarf to use as a strap and always something to help with comfort to fold and use under head, lower back/sacrum or knees.

Enjoy your sunset, yogis.

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