Yoga Schedule Updates for Kiwanis Park

Good morning all! For those who were at practice last week, they heard that this coming Saturday and also the next, I am not able to do class. With that said, changes to the schedule are noted below which are significant for August & October. With the re-emergence of COVID and us moving away from the summer pretty quickly and a my hip which I am working to rehab, it just makes sense this year to curtail the season at the end of September. You all have been wonderful in supporting me and the program for years. To the new folks, the joy increases as we all get to reap the benefits of the park’s lovely benevolence and moving together through our joys and our sorrows.

I have a full-time job. It will often require more than 40 hours a week. Many know that at the end of 2018, I was in the ICU dying of septic shock. Had I not been a yogi, I would not have survived and it was not the belief that I would. All of 2019 for me was about recovery. Coming back to the 2019 Season was more special to me than I had words for and that was expressed to many of you. Each season has been the same for me–no small gift and always the homecoming, every face and pair of eyes a glory. The idea that the world would be struck in 2020 with the same reality that I was in so many ways, could never have been imagined. The world understands what the battles are and that chronic illness comes to us at any time and the impacts, never EVER leave. The utter loneliness/helplessness, losing jobs, health, security, important connections/friends, goals and the list goes on. This year of “2020” was the greatest adjustment to our (collective) vision. If perfect vision is 20/20, was this not a slight joke on us?! Are we paying any attention STILL?! “Hindsight is 20/20″…history might disagree. I say this now because every day we wake up, there is some struggle, old or new, it does swim up. ‘Why are we being challenged so?’ are the continuing questions. All we can do in the face of this is keep working to let go. The attachment we have to what we believe is ours, harms us more than it helps us. This is part of our true correction. Demonstrate your love now and understand that it is never wasted, regardless. Let the mind relax with it’s stories and it’s wants. Be good to yourself that way.

So, NOW can we let go of October?! Sure we can! The goal for me this fall is to get one class a week fully on the schedule for people and improve my platform. Studios are not options for many teachers like myself. As much as we miss the warm embrace of the walls, there is too much ‘potential’ there. Like you and everyone else, I struggled with getting up and getting on daily. It’s still a struggle. Struggling together is what we do though, eh?! We have to remain strong and always believe that life is happening for us–not to us. Struggle is absolutely necessary we know, just not a DOUBLE-SCOOP, RIGHT?!

To further expand to some, my other loves and occupations are about film and yoga, so I have to work on balance myself. Filming is impacting yoga this year which ordinarily would not be the case–but again we know that COVID is the great revelator (Gillian Welch would agree I’m quite sure)! I thank you for your understanding as this is not usually the rule. My partner is also having surgery the week of the 28th and I believe there is a Township shredding event, which if is the case, you will not want to be at the park that day! *So I more than likely will be posting a link for practice or a video in lieu. There have been some issues with links in the past but I think the bugs have been worked out. Will confirm in a later post but keep that on your radar for 8/28. Also the King-Kong sale of yard sales is happening on Sept. 18th so sign up quickly! Just as I typed “King Kong” I wondered if this is wrong…let me know if I’m ‘cancelled’ for that folks! Ah, the struggle yet again. Take extra good care and sit in the shade a good long while today if you can! The cicadas are singing for you now…


Aug 14 – CXL’D

Aug 21 – CXL’D


Sep 11 – CXL’D

Sep 18 – CXL’D (Township Yard Sale Event – Come say hi!)


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