Kiwanis Park Saturday 7/3/21 Yoga – Update

Hello all! The weather has finally let up a bit and my body has healed enough that I am able to have more mobility and less pain. So I am excited and blessed to say that the plan right now is that practice is on for tomorrow at 8am. In checking the early morning forecast just now, I see that there are very comfortable temps and the small probability of rain. Regardless, please make sure that you check your email and social media for any last minute updates so as not to inconvenience yourself!

I will be using the microphone to help if we need it all you ‘outfielders’. There is definitely no need to have to struggle again to hear!

The shredding event I cited in my last posting is actually scheduled this month, so that may be one of our off days (or a potential Zoom class–will be troubleshooting early on to avoid some of the issues that cropped up several times around the link). You may want to attend that so check the Shaler Township website! Lots of events and activities happening at warp speed it seems. Be safe, be patient, be kind!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!

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