Kiwanis Park Saturday Yoga – UPDATE for 6/26/21 CANCELLATION DUE TO INJURY

n’tHello yogis! I am back from vacation and must give you the unfortunate news that I injured myself enough so that I should not be teaching tomorrow. It’s never a good idea to break your own rules about carrying things and moving in the dark. With that said, my right side has to rest as I have a very sore knee and hip. In the meantime, this may give our local momma bear and cubs some time to enjoy the area and move on!!! Hadn’t you heard?! Oh yes, while I was away it seems that a bear and her cubs are out and about discovering her local Shaler and Millvale real estate. COVID had everybody going stir crazy so why not get out and mingle!

I believe there is also a shredding even that may be happening tomorrow at 9am so it may be good in any case for the stars aligning with such inopportune circumstances, to not be on-site for practice tomorrow.

Be well and we shall put our energies into the following saturday’s practice (July 2nd)! WOW…July. How is this even happening?! Hope everyone is really beginning to enjoy their lives again in the way that suits them. Emerging has been a challenge as we work to let go of our COVID-vigilent practices & ways. Many of us still not letting our guards down completely. Do what feels right for you! Stay safe & cool and see you soon! If you are needing to reach me always just send an email. Email is easier these days. Comments, suggestions, bear hate mail, etc…

Some vintage Koi I got to spend a lot of time with. About 15+ inches and simply beautiful!

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