Kiwanis Park Saturday Update

It’s cold but practice is on! Mats will still be 6′ apart and those vaccinated can be mask free if you wish. Please try and remember to bring a towel or blanket for extra cushion on knees and other boney parts.

We start at 8a sharp!

2 responses to “Kiwanis Park Saturday Update”

  1. Have a great practice!!

    I hope to see you and Nadia next week!

    My thoughts are with you!!

    Jody Sent from my iPhone


    1. Elizabeth Hanulak Avatar
      Elizabeth Hanulak

      you are always with is in spirit! thank you it was a lovely morn and you are held in many hearts and can’t wait to see you whenever it works out! you have some special stuff happening ❤️ hope it’s a great day for all. xo

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