Kiwanis Park – FRIDAY UPDATE

Artist: Carol Babayan

A share. A portrait done over 30 years ago in magic marker by an artist, my mother. She died many years ago and this remains one of my favorite portraits of all that she has done. Camp Funshine in Florida was a camp for underprivileged kids and she used to volunteer there, teaching and drawing with and for the children. From the moment I saw it, I fell in love with this child. She sits with me every day, and there is not a day that goes by that her spirit does not manage to find me and remind me that every child is worthy. The children I raised, are out of my home now. The pandemic has laid claim to so much that was all of ours, tangible and otherwise. Tomorrow let’s reclaim some of it on what would have been my mother’s 78th birthday! If you feel so compelled, feel free to write a little anonymous something as a tribute to whomever you think of as a mothering force in your life or anyone else who is tugging at your heart right now. Maybe at this time, especially if they are gone, you feel that it would help you to tell someone; some of us don’t have anyone else to share these things with anymore. It’s just our little sacred share. Toss it into the donation bin and no one will even know it’s you. Anyone can do that at any time and if you want to write a hate letter to COVID–DO THAT as well! Offer what ever you want–OR NOT! For some it is helpful. For me, I love to hear the memories and the love resurrected through a favorite line, a poem, music, an image, a fragrance…if the heart wants to share, there is someone who will receive it.

I will update tomorrow morning by 7am to confirm we are on at 8am. Please remember we are still in hypervigilent mode where COVID is concerned so all protocol is still in place. Pray to the no-rain gods!

4 responses to “Kiwanis Park – FRIDAY UPDATE”

  1. Beautiful portrait and memory!!
    Our mothers have instilled such wonderful memories and lessons in our lives.
    My mother’s birthday would be the 27th. I think of her often, a young widow raising two kids in the 60s
    Thank you for sharing and giving me a chance to reflect!!

    1. Elizabeth Hanulak Avatar
      Elizabeth Hanulak

      i’m so sorry you lost your dad so young. we both were raised by young mothers alone in a very pivotal time in history. i will be sending special prayers and hugs to you all week leading to her day. we may not always have understood them but their strength was was indisputable–especially your mom as a widow. the memories get more tender for sure. sending love and you are sorely missed. 🌸💗

  2. Such a beautiful & timeless portrait.
    Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

    1. Elizabeth Hanulak Avatar
      Elizabeth Hanulak

      i think so too and thank you so much! 🤗🌸

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