kiwanis park – FRIDAY UPDATE

good evening and welcome to another friday! it’s hot but that evening sun…it’s beginning to change. the slow limp of our summer meeting up with fall, eventually. for me now, as i was thinking and typing, so many thoughts as Fall is my favorite season of all, and what is known by so many as “indian summer,” such a particularly melancholy time. there is not one of us who is NOT aging. and with that, the turning of the seasons becomes more poignant as memories continue to line these chapters of our lives. it is at this juncture of time that we are in, like no other in this nation’s history and to a huge degree–our world history–the seasons and climates of all things, seem to have stood still–or better yet, dropped on their head! the term “indian summer” is also a casualty as a result of one new ‘season’ in particular; the seasons of the “pandemic” and “justice” do demand their stage time after all. one we would pay money to see driven off a cliff, and the other, an unending ovation. the vernacular “indian summer” will fade away and that’s okay. what replaces it will be a greater connection to our fellow man and intolerance for words that rob and diminish, even if we bellow and complain. it seems a small price considering. the reminder that our words are our lifeline to the world and one another. we have the ability to shape minds, hearts and wars with them. many years ago, i was lucky enough to attend a performance at the berklee school of music in boston with one of my dearest sisters in life. we had loved this (performance) artist and musician for quite some time and finally got to see her. this would be Laurie Anderson–Lou Reed’s partner for decades and eventually his wife before he passed (i would highly recommend “a dog’s life” which was their last collaborative effort before he died). one of Laurie’s biggest grossing albums was “big science”. there is a song titled “language is a virus” that is one of my favorites. so right now, in many ways, the biggest virus we are fighting along with COVID, is language. let the words we speak become extensions of our own light and divine grace. there has never been anyone like you–or me. we can’t lose sight of that, and that each day, we turn the key for someone with the words we use. whether they are someone we know or a stranger we have been surreptitiously connected to (and by god, they better be 6′ away!). i am as guilty as you are with losing it, especially now with these particularly mercurial and oppressive NEW seasons. our words are free, they are precious and they must be shaped carefully. some things have happened in the course of these last few weeks that continues to lead back to this. we’ll all be the light we know to be and when we can’t, we must let the light of others reach us. be open even when you think you are hearing one thing. set your rosetta stone on it’s head! ;~)

and YES…tomorrow is on for practice unless my black cloud is still overhead and i manage to fall down the stairs between now and tomorrow morning! be sure to do a quick website check for confirmation in the morn. weather looks fine though! don’t forget your full-body ziplog bags…COVID’s still got the mike people!

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