Thank You

I am coming back fully online to the world again today. The first order of business is to thank you all for your love and beautiful concern and personal messages–Karen, Kelly, Jody, Diane, Donna, Nadia, Dinelle…and the list goes on. These messages really did help lift me.

I stood at my back door and watched as the rain touched her for the first time yesterday in over 10 years. As a rescue, she was 2 years or more on the streets and a mother several times over as we were told. The mother in me (and there is a mother in each and every one of us regardless of gender or birthing non-history) could not bare knowing that she was physically out there. For several years now, this has spoken to my own personal journey of letting go of so many in my life starting at 7 years old–often suddenly. It is the reminder that we have claim to nothing; the only things we truly own are our own feelings and reactions. So this has all of us together (again) right now more than ever. We are the Grief Collective. As we move again into the depths of fear over the pandemic skulking over our heads, what more can we lose right now (that truly matters)?! So again we are hand-in-hand in this process of continual loss and how to mitigate and recover. Let’s just keep hanging on and forgetting how sloppy we all have become in our processes (of our lives). We are trying to get through every minute of every hour of every day. Composure is not always pretty, not always present. Our forgiveness should be. Eliminate our trove of “i’m sorry”. There is no need. Come as you are. Always. Be truly alive.

In her favorite place waiting for me always by the back door…

“The dead tremble before the tempest, but the living walk with it.” – K. Gibran

Our animal kingdom children help us brave the storm.

with love,


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