kiwanis park – 4th of July class request UPDATE

for those who were able to attend last saturday, there was the request for a class tomorrow morning even though it was posted that there would be no class in the magazine/township website. the request has been granted and if you are looking to practice–i will be there to lead a more vigorous practice. it would be more of a mid-grade flow and downdog would be an active part of the practice (you can always substitute). if you would like to come and see what a more kinetic practice is about, then come join in. we never go off the rails and you can always practice in tandem, in whatever manner you wish because at a time like this, it’s really about the distant connection (i do hope you are smiling as we get to understand this more intimately thanks to COVID). so find your way to the courts with your mat and mask; no need to RSVP. we’ll have a more informal exploration of (sun) salutations and what a flow can be like at our own discretion/leisure. and if you just want to hang on the mat and greet the day, there’s that too! it will be a beautiful dawn.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!