Kiwanis Friday Message

Hello all and hope everyone is slowly getting back to their lives to some degree. I just wanted to let you know that we have a nice handle on things at the park so there is no need to RSVP as we had been doing. As long as everyone is continuing to maintain our conscientious and practical social distancing and mask-wearing is still highly preferred. I think we can feel a little more comfortable now being outside and for sure keeping our 6′ and over distancing. There is the opportunity to also be further away if you wish. There is still the need to protect but as we are outside, I think we are able to begin to loosen a bit where some feel that they are able to practice without a mask. This would only be the case where others around them would be the 6′ or over distance and that an agreement has come to be made that this is acceptable to all parties. This is only the case, of course, if everyone presents as completely healthy! Anyone who is expectorating or having any kind of allergies or reactions that would cause dispersal of droplets, must don masks. if you are observed to be not well and also within range of others without a mask, you will be asked top wear one or move from the vicinity of the tennis courts. What we are looking for are the components of full consent for those who are practicing around others without a mask and that all are comfortable in their areas. This is really very difficult to navigate but vs. throwing all caution and protocol to the wind, we must still abide by what we know as practicing safe distancing, etc. Many establishments and venues are not abiding by this protocol and we do not want to make that mistake. Again, Shaler’s Township Director and I plod along and are in agreement about not sloughing off these important safety practices. All for one and one for all–it’s no joke! It would be good to be wrong about things down the road and maybe we might be going a little overboard on protection and won’t we have one heck of a HEARTY laugh on this one, but right now, there is only doing everything within our power regardless of how cumbersome these things have become. When you care, it’s what you do. We are walking the talk collectively! So thanks for soldiering on and check in tomorrow morn for the ultimate “okay” on practice! Bring a plush towel/shawl/throw, a pillow (i..e, bolster, throw, bed ) and belt/strap/scarf. If you have a tennis ball it’s a good time to bring it too! Set your clocks and game on for tomorrow based on what we are hearing tonight…sweet dreams yogis. And how about that Highland Park bear?! Steve will be our fearless protector i think again tomorrow…💝

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