Kiwanis Park – Friday Update

Hello all. I can see that lots have already checked in today for any updates! Having just seen the latest weather update on the news, it seems we may have some rain around our start time. As usual, there is a saturday morning confirmation to be sure. That will happen if it is clear by 6:30a, if we are overcast and things are building, the latest confirmation will come closer to start time so as not to inconvenience you all arriving along with the rain.

Folks are RSVPing which is very helpful. If you may remember, it’s always super wonderful to have a nice thick beach or bath towel, long belt/scarf/strap and a pillow–toss or good ol’ sleeping will do–as our makeshift prop-alongs ;~) hopefully, we get to use them tomorrow! So get rest and try to have something very light to eat if you plan on coming, at least an hour before we practice. Many have blood sugar issues, so do what you need to do!

If you want to fill out a waiver at the park, please toss a pen into your things as well. The less offerings (from me) to you, the better!

Enjoy this enchanting night and the cool night air should help you get some deep sleep after our heat wave.

peace out and see you tomorrow…🤞

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